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/ Series / Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted [BL] [Fast-Wear]
Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted [BL] [Fast-Wear]
Even in Death We Shall Not Be Parted [BL] [Fast-Wear]
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Liu Yue was a talented but poor actor with no connections. Early in this career he rejected the advances/“unspoken rules" of a big time director leading to his downfall. Hence he only ever played villain and small cameo type roles and was unable to acquire any fame. At the age of 25, just as it seemed things might be turning around for him he suddenly died in an accident.

Unexpectedly, he woke up in the clothing and set of one of his movies! But wait a second… where are the cameras and crew? This world seems real! In that case there is no need to follow the scenario set down by the script, right? Liu Yue should be able to do anything that he wants.

However deviating from the script has unexpected consequences. For example why is the male lead staring at him with passionate eyes instead of the female lead?!

Follow Liu Yue as he overturns the storyline of all his movies and tries to figure out why this happening to him.

1vs1 (male lead same in all stories, no harem. Although there will be love rivals).
Some arcs will have sad endings, others happy endings. Overall will be happy ending.
Good dose of face slapping. Also fluff and romance.
Mature scenes (sex, occasional references to rape and torture).
BL obviously!!

AdventureBoys LoveFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsRomanceSupernatural
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