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/ Series / Reincarnated As The Hero’s Daughter: Wait, Why Is My MP Not Running Out?
Reincarnated As The Hero’s Daughter: Wait, Why Is My MP Not Running Out?
Reincarnated As The Hero’s Daughter: Wait, Why Is My MP Not Running Out?
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4.3 (127 ratings)
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After living a life filled with hardships and suffering which ended in her ultimate sacrifice to protect her family and defeat the foes that she hated the most, Luna suddenly finds herself being brought to a white space where a God of Reincarnation quickly realizes he committed a mistake.

"Wait, you're not from Earth?! Oh, my bad!"

After being mistaken for a "good soul" due to her high positive karma count, she is reincarnated by error and given a glitched system as her only gift to explore this new world. Now, she finds herself being reincarnated as a half-elf girl named Sylph with two loving and doting parents.
However, as she grows up, she begins to find weird things...

"Why is my father just slaying a dragon leisurely?"

"Eh? My mother can heal any wound or disease?!"

"Wait! Why is my MP never running out? What's going on in here?!"

Join Sylph as she explores a new world of endless possibilities, fights against the ghosts of the past that torment her parents’ lives, discovers herself and makes good friends along the way. Who knows? Perhaps this time she’ll even save the world!

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSlice of Life
Adventurers Beastkin Demons Doting Parents Elemental Magic Familiars Family Famous Parents Heroes Level System Reincarnated into Another World Skill Creation Spirits
Table of Contents 96
Reviews 6
Table of Contents
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    Status: overly protective parents

    After reading about 45 chapters, I think it's time for a review. (Minor spoilers ahead)

    The story is rather straight forward with it's characters and there are generally no major issues with the story. That being said, it isn't as if this is the perfect book. Characterisation has slight issues occasionally. An example is when the main character that actively curses suddenly stops swearing completely post-reincarnation with no given reason.

    Common sense is practically rotting and absurdity rules in this novel. It is canonical that a one month old baby has the ability to defeat a monster through dicing it up by pulling a whip too hard. You can not gaslight me on the fact infants canonically can defeat monsters with no struggle. It's "explained" in a sense but it is somewhat unnerving. The main character goes practically no hardship or struggles due to "maincharacteritis" so character development is non-existent.

    The author also makes leaps and bounds in logic to forcefully push a result. A small example is when a god tries to reincarnate a typical fantasy MC but messes up and summons the MC instead and a chain a dialogue is quickly exchanged. "I was going to reincarnate a competent Japanese high school student... damn.", "What? Japanese? Is that some type of food?". Syntax simply doesn't work there as no adjective that describes "school student" would be considered food. A second example is how the parents don't even question how their child can manage to articulate words while being a whole month old. No slight concern or doubt/suspicion to this is given.

    World building seems dull as there's no interaction between the characters and natural inhabitants of the land, weird restrictions to the magic system (somehow there's a cool down to casting certain spells) and a un-intuitive power scaling system that doesn't really give any points of reference. Stuff seems to always spontaneously happen with no build up towards it like random boss monsters appearing out of nowhere to confront characters for no reason. The author has taken Chekov's gun and placed the barrel under their chin.

    Conclusion, It's has some decent features but these overall flaws coupled with an uninteresting plot just drag it down for me. "High-Quality" novel for ScribbleHub standards and mediocre when looking at a broader picture..

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    Status: i don’t care anymore

    I wanted to like this but I just couldn't.

    On the good, the start was interesting enough to keep me reading and the cliffhangers had me come back for a time.

    The first issue I noticed is that this is an action story but I really can't feel any suspense, there was one moment where I thought something unsuspected happened but was only a cliffhanger followed by it not really happening, I think that really killed any future feeling of suspense since I don't think anything really bad will ever happen and if it does it can be undone. 

    This story also gives me a sort of "slice of life" vibe but suffers from bland and papercut characters, interesting characters are vital in slice of life. 

    I also thought it might have been that the MC is a super cheat and still 4 y.o as of ch.68 but mushoku tensei did that and I wasn't that bothered by it that much, maybe it's that he had weaknesses and tried to act like a baby to avoid suspicion but the MC doesn't have any weaknesses and no one suspects her for being abnormal. Basically she's a Mary Sue and the one weakness she has makes her more OP.

    I would not have posted this but I've been sitting here for like 40 min thinking about this so I might as well. I need to re-edit this...

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: desperate struggle

    This story is a fun one, so just sit back and enjoy it! I personally think it's pretty cathartic after all the level heavy stories I've been reading recently. Though there are some logic leaps here and there, like the children being a bit too young to make sense, but for the most part it's only a minor detail that doesn't really affect the story too much. Is it a bit unbelievable that 4 year olds could do that stuff? Maybe, but you lose if you let it get to you. This isn't really for you if you wanna be all nitpick-y and meticulous with the details. Again, it's meant to be a fun read, and the world-building potential is interesting on top of that, so in that context I think it does its job perfectly.

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    Status: a talk with alice

    This is a very slow paced slice of life self insert novel about a child learning about the world, their role in it and their parents' history in the typical medieval fantasy setting with a few twists. It may seem lighthearted but sh*t can get gruesome real quickly.

    If that is what you want, you'll probably love it, otherwise you'll likely be too bored or frustrated to continue within a few chapters.

    Before going into it just imagine whenever a child's age is mentioned there is an unspoken (x * 3)

    The MC is fairly cliche and honestly boring, she is the typical kind, training freak that tries and fails to be edgy whilst simultaneously coming to the shocking conclusion that 'not all demons bad' for 3 paragraphs straight. None of her character traits ever manifest in anything plot relevant ever, she seems trusting of family but never explains anything to them, she seems to be able to stand up for herself but lets the gods do whatever they want ruining her life, she seems to be social and understanding of her friend but ignores the obvious crushing.

    Her backstory is interesting but its only consequence is that she is apparently immune to pain and mental trauma (which should be the complete opposite)

    I personally really like the way her infinite mana and hp are shown, it is very powerful but not omnipotent and has the potential to be a fate worse than death (like that'd ever happen)

    Most of the plot will either be slice of life about what food she ate, or the author trying to contrive plot tension out of the setting of 'immortal child with unstoppable parents'. Its kinda like going through tall grass in a pokemon game, at any moment when outside a random encounter with endgame boss number 43 will come out of nowhere and ham-fist plot until her parents deal with it. The story is very reactive, plot happens TO the protagonist, she is very static progression and character wise, don't expect an adventure with character development or anything of the sort.

    My review may seem very negative but it is really not as bad as it or other reviews make it out to be. If you like the genre and don't mind half of what I mentioned then it is a solid 4*, otherwise it is anywhere between 2.5* and 3.5*

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    Status: c~70

    "I'm not saying the story is perfect or even my favorite. But I'm reading it BECAUSE I thought it would be mellow, funny, and entertaining. It has been."

    OK. I don't know if there's been some editing since some of these reviews but they seems a bit unfair. The cover is newer so maybe that explains it some.

    First. We are told in the homepage synopsis that the MC has infinite mana... how is that not warning/informing us (the reader) that this story will be in the realm of ludicrous or at least overly convenient. I was actually expecting her to be possibly even more OP than she was but all in the name of comedy.

    As it is there are limitations that are laid out. She regularly struggles with them. Her talking so young is explained as being a common elven trait. It's also explained that elves have a natural knack for Mana. Possibly an overly convenient excuse but it comes with the genre, especially in the opening. (How is ANY isekai story not overly convenient or contrived in the beginning? Except rare exceptions. I mean, "truck-kun" really? That's not an overly used and convenient device? There's a WHOLE genre of memes about it!)

    I can not agree that she is a complete Mary Sue. She struggles and makes mistakes regularly. She has yet to take an acknowledged wrong moral stance but so few characters ever do... However, As far as her being too OP or partially a Mary Sue, possibly, I say again INFINITE MANA. Being surprised or upset at this feels like it's more the readers fault than the authors. A lot of these could be explained by the difference between the ability of the reincarnated MC with past knowledge & experience and the innate untapped capacity of elves. This is possibly hinted at in the story.

    I'm not saying the story is perfect or even my favorite. But I'm reading it BECAUSE I thought it would be mellow, funny, and entertaining. It has been. At no point did I think this would be a riveting and dramatic action/adventure. (Well, except one chapter alluded to by another reviewer that made me consider setting it aside for when I was more in the mood for that. Thankfully it wasn't.)

    In conclusion, I don't like writing apologist reviews but I felt some explanation and rebuttal was warranted given some of the other reviews.

    Edit: A note. There is a possible genre shift around chapter 80 away from the fluffy slice of life. May or may not happen.

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    Status: desperate struggle

    Is fun. Need to suspend disbelief. OP reincarnated one, but with enemies to match, but also deus ex machina so far. Slice of life, except when it isn't lol.

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