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/ Series / The Wingman’s Rebellion
The Wingman’s Rebellion
The Wingman’s Rebellion
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4.6 (69 ratings)
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A friend is a great thing to have, specially if its a bestfriend who has your back in everything that you do.

From sharing food from the cafeteria and giving favors to unreasonable request.

From sharing secrets, hobbies and ambitions.

From getting into one's own brawls as back-up and giving advice to problems.

From giving important information, such as who likes who, girl's three sizes and their backgrounds.

And from setting up the confession to the girl you like.

That was the life that our MC had led but that all changed when he got screwed over by the very friend he had supported all this time.

When he awoke, he became the thing he detest now more than ever in a new world and worst of all, in the world of 'their' favorite novel where his new identity essentially becomes cannon fodder.

"Screw this! I'm going to do this my way now!"

He cursed and swore to live as he wants in this new life, discarding his previous life's label.

Follow Ray Irisville and his rebellion against his destined role in the novel.

The cover is not mine. Full credit goes to the owner-

ActionAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremLitRPGRomanceSchool Life
Academy Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Eye Powers Family Conflict Hated Protagonist Polygamy Yandere
Table of Contents 47
Reviews 5
Table of Contents
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    New Cappage-Boy
    Status: chapter 43: library

    I personally really like this story, It's class system isn't a cookie cutter one and actually has some unique aspects. I definitely do hope that the author explains how a class ranks up a bit more because from what I can tell there are basically specific levels of a skill you have to reach to rank up a class but I am not sure because it never actually addresses this from what I can remember.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 20: aftermath [2]

    This story is the equivalent of a 'safe bet': Harem, Magical Academy, Transmigration with preestablished knowledge, Dungeon crawling, RPG mechanics, the whole shebang. Wingman's Rebellion definitely gives an experience similar to recent releases like Irisu's 'Magical*Explorer' or Korita's 'How to Survive at the Academy', but with enough deviations for now to stand amongst the pack in its own way.

    A particular point of interest for example is that it's established early on that the cards are stacked against the MC not only in ability, but in reputation as well. There's a plus in the story's favor for making a proactive protagonist willing to do the work to make it in his new life, while enduring the scorn of his peers. Good luck, pink-haired lad.

    One mild gripe I have with the narrative is that apart from shaping his personality in the beginning, the MC's past doesn't seem to have that much impact in the plot as a whole. To be honest, his past is probably the most potentially interesting part of the story so far, so I was kind of sad to see it get sidelined like that. He could've likened some character's to those in his old life, unlearning bad habits, etc etc. Perhaps I'm complaining too early and something was coming down the line, but that stood out to me. (I'm about 32k words in, if Statistics is accurate at the time of posting.)

    The grammar is perfectly serviceable as far as I remember. Nothing strange enough to take you out of the immersion.

    So yeah, if you like the usual guilty pleasure tropes for a cultured weeb blended together into a cohesive story, this could satisfy your appetite.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 43: Library

    [The Harem and Romance as of now is almost nonexistant.]

    Story is well writen and thought out, my only complaint is I want more updates.....! The story gets even better once the MC starts school so just hold on till then. All of the suprorting charicters are well developed and likeable.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 20: Aftermath [2]

    I like it but the MC seems kinda wack in chap 20. His actions are different from his claims in the beginning about being good and all to friends and such. 


    A feeling of guilt came over me but the greed inside won me over.

    'I really wanted to avoid being noticed today since I need to appraise these things'

    This wasn't an inner monologue, this is a direct statement from the novel. If he is truly like what he claimed to be only to be betrayed then he would convince himself of that. You have used that for the female teacher earlier. When she did something she regretted she used dialogue or her inner monologue along with the wording that indicates she does regret it, but the important part there is how she reacted to the MC. Rather than just stating "She was suspicious but he couldn't have seen her" and be done with it, you expanded on it and show her uncertainty. 

    In 20 the MC is just a d*ck. No inner monologue to reinforce the statement (Which makes the statement uncertain) just a little guilt then overwhelming greed and instant disregard. 

    Well this is just chapter 20 so other chapter may expand on the mc's past and his feelings towards all of this.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c20

    what can I say, I really love these reincarnated into a game stories/books and this one scratches that itch with a proactive MC that takes the reins of the story instead of just waiting for the hero to do anything, what I am saying is if you like these kind of novels you will love this simple as that

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