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/ Series / Harem King from A Slave in Another World
Harem King from A Slave in Another World
Harem King from A Slave in Another World
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2.6 (30 ratings)
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This is an Isekai story. The protagonist is a salaryman who is transmigrated into another world. Initially, he was captured and tortured a slave before gradually adds companions until he establishes a country.

Read if you can stand a weak protagonist with little fighting ability.

Unlike most isekai characters, he is granted limited abilities.

Aristocracy Army Building Brainwashing Economics Kingdom Building Medieval Mind Control Politics Polygamy Pragmatic Protagonist R-18 Salaryman Strategist Transmigration Transported into Another World Weak Protagonist
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    Status: chapter 22: white city

    The story is disjointed and skips badly. The author has s*xual violence just for shock value and brings nothing to the story, some scenes don't even make sense like guy who constantly gets raped brainwashed his abuser and all of a sudden is buddy buddy. No revenge on them or anything, this reads like someone saw redo of a healer and wants to try to make a story.

     My advice skip it.

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