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/ Series / The Harem Protagonist Was Turned Into A Girl!! And Doesn’t Want To Change Back!!!??
The Harem Protagonist Was Turned Into A Girl!! And Doesn’t Want To Change Back!!!??
The Harem Protagonist Was Turned Into A Girl!! And Doesn’t Want To Change Back!!!??
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4.8 (134 ratings)
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Aliens. Robots. Vampires. Five girls deciding they want to marry him. Kevin’s life is a mess. Now he’s been turned into a girl. It’s just one thing after another…

Actually, that last one is proving surprisingly nice.

ComedyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremRomanceSci-fiSupernatural
Aliens Female Protagonist Male to Female Misunderstandings Transgender Vampires
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    Status: chapter 15: second thoughts

    Yeah, okay, this is real good. It's honestly hard as hell to find good series on this site, so I'm writing this review in the hopes that somebody might read this and be swayed into reading.

    It really feels like a real anime (or LN) style romcom that we're entering into mid-series, right as that comfortably formulaic series is turned on its head. And mad props for that. The way things are introduced to us is great as well - like they're old concepts for the "series", but still done in such a way that we can gain an understanding of what's going on.

    The characters are, for the most part, great. They feel both like understandable archetypes from the type of series this draws inspiration from as well as fully realized characters of their own. Every person in love is given a believable reason for being in love, and nothing really feels forced or unbelievable.

    Any complaints I have are minor and not worth bringing up here.

    If you're a curious passerby, just, please read this. Thank you.

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    Status: chapter 23: oops, she did it...

    so uhmm being plural we really enjoyed the lynx girls, first plural rep we see (that we are aware of at least) that doesn't make them be deranged serial killers or whatever, it's quite refreshing, also had fun with how you subverted some harem tropes and in general it was a very fun read -Terracota

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: completed

    This story is a mad dash from beginning to end, and I for one, absolutely loved it. The character interactions were fantastic, and the comedy was absolutely superb. If you are reading this review, you should read it. It’s a cute story, and even the more dramatic stuff is handled with incredible tact and maturity. For what the story is trying to accomplish, it’s phenomenal. I love this story, and if you’ll love it too. 

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    Status: chapter 11: collision course

    A friend linked this story back when it was just two entries long.  I've been following it ravenously ever since, and the story is a delight.  Svetlana's journey of self-discovery and growth has been great, and while I've never encountered a harem comedy with quite as crazy a premise as this - aliens, vampires, European royals, and the childhood friend?  Usually that's like three separate stories! - It gives you freedom to lampshade, mock, and also lovingly rib tropes from across the entire range of such stories.I'm writing this as of the end of Chapter 11, and I'm loving that four of the five girls so far have come around on Svetlana - while Augusta has definitely been the most self-centered and nastiest of the girls in regards to Svetlana's transition, I do genuinely hope the framing, both here and elsewhere, that she's redeemable comes true.  In part because she does seem to enjoy Svetlana's company on some level - if she didn't like her she wouldn't have stuck around so much - but mostly because I want a light fluffy story like this to have a solidly happy ending of "Svetlana gets to have all her girlfriends in a polycule all together". Anyways, congrats on the story so far, eagerly awaiting the next installment, and I'm unsure if O'tmyil or Thisbe is my favorite.

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    Status: chapter 23: oops, she did it...

    Awesome story full of love-filled chaos and chaos-filled love! 

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