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/ Series / Lolified ~ Restarting Back to Ten Years Old
Lolified ~ Restarting Back to Ten Years Old
Lolified ~ Restarting Back to Ten Years Old
370.6k Views 6443 Favorites 78 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1598 Readers
4.4 (194 ratings)
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Nekomiya Rimu, an ugly fat 25 years old woman worked as an employee of a black gaming company.

She suddenly found herself returned 15 years ago to the time when she was 10 years old.
Now what will she do when she had regained her loli body?

Slice of Life
Age Regression Child Protagonist Female Protagonist Loli Second Chance Shota Time Travel Twins
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Lolified II (Sequel)
Table of Contents 78
Reviews 10
Table of Contents
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    Status: c58

    It's fun to read but not fun to edit. : (

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    Status: chapter 71 – riku’s reason

    An interesting read with a time-traveling MC, who's mom not only has also done that but knows her daughter did too! Her gaining so much weight in her past life is explained. She is aware of her brother's popularity and even thinks the boys in the club turn gay because of his looks, but the guys are not into him but his almost identical twin sister the mc! The author does have another novel with a loli MC, who is evil in a way and is a loli for a different reason. She can bring items out of the VRMMORPG, who is part of a huge guild!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ✅ chapter 75 – the second big order

    The story is very entertaining and I cannot wait for the next chapter.

    The story is sort of amusing at times, while being fluffy at other times, and at other times the story can be a bit sad.  It's a good combo.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c52

    A good read, been some time since I've enjoyed a read that has no action. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ex – calendar (wip)

    Before I created my account in this website, I already almost everything (1-76)

    So here's my opinion.


    It perfect, not my type but the nuance their author created is what made them perfect, each characters has their own belief, views, mindset, goals and etc. To the point that some of them physically and philosophically clash with the main characters itself. 

    Achieving an ideal villain I want, because not only they are menace for the sake of villainy. But because they're just people with problems and complications of their own... get what I mean?

    World background. 

    Simply astonishing, That's my sentiment. From the minor to major details (City, Weather and etc). They're executed with such precision and proficiency that they don't feel monotonous and are important  for the story to develop. I have a lot more messages or opinions regarding this but let's move on.

    Update stability. 

    In all honesty there's no complains in my side, so long the quality or the story doesn't drop, quantities didn't bother me at the slightest. 


    Mmm... honestly she's not my ideal character, perhaps because my unfamiliarity or maybe my views towards.. questionable fics... the MC was a big surprise, I was honestly shock that I found some common ground with her.

    Anyway, the MC has complexion born from her upbringing and -- hold that though I'm being called.

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    Status: chapter 71 – riku’s reason

    Can be considered a light read for a slice of life themed story. A twins story that has a nice flow and slow paced life (I guess), which kinda difficult to find in twins themed story. One of few stories that I camp for (definitely recommended if you are into time-traveling, OP character, with a twins spice)


    It is a bit sad to know the background reading about Rimu's lack of chromosome (was it chromosome?) body, which leads her to become fat and her demise. I mean it was stated that people like her do not have a long life. It would be nice though to know what Riku was thinking at the first life.


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    Status: ✅ chapter 66

    The story was really fluffy and cute~. Character interactions were well developed and it was a nice read.

    What I do want to say though, is that all the kids act like adults most of the time. I understand that making it all the characters childish won't make the story progress but it took away some of the charm that our protagonist was supposed to have (who by the way, started acting a bit too childish.).

    And this is a general thing, but most of the times, when the main character is given a cheat, giving the same to others casually spoils a lot of it's fun. Unless the basic necessary setting of the story itself lies in the fact that there exist multiple such individuals it might be better to avoid such a thing.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 67 – what about the milk?

    Loli is love loli is life. It's a unique story, and I've been looking for a decent childhood story, even if it involves time-travel/reincarnation so this came at a good time.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 66 – diy laptop

    I feel ya @tgx, and so far these story really interested. Never addicted to slice of life stories before...

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 39 – health breakdown

    Really fun read and the interactions between characters are funny. Hope that updates are more frequent! 

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