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Heaven, Earth, Me
Heaven, Earth, Me
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Yasenia is a child born different from the rest, her mother, Tatyana, used an ancient technique she found to absorb the world's energy to get pregnant instead of having regular intercourse. Her objective was to create a lover for herself since the endless years of solitude and all the heartbreaks covered her heart with eternal ice.
While pregnant, a strange soul seems to try to seize the body of her child to be reborn; a shame that Tatyana is someone not to be messed with.
In her rage, she destroys the sense of self and memories, leaving only a husk of the soul, and uses it to nourish Yasenia.
What Tatyana didn't know at that time was that this would change Yasenia in ways she never expected.

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ActionAdultEcchiFantasyGirls LoveHaremMatureRomanceSmut
Academy Age Progression Animal Characteristics Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cultivation Dragons Early Romance Famous Parents Fast Cultivation Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Futanari Heartwarming Heavenly Tribulation Honest Protagonist Incest Inheritance R-18 Sword Wielder Unique Cultivation Technique Xuanhuan
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 5

    I make it short.

    1) Wholesome 2) Anti-routine xianxia 3) Wholesome s*xy scenes YURI / FUTA (really really really rare) 4) High-quality writing (If you want to recognize that in novels, it is usually from details, even the smallest ones) 5) Likeable EQ IQ characters 6) JP vibe (For info, works that fusion jp+chinese vibe are often good. Which is why some CNs that have a comedy kinda like Kazuma are high ranking. And why some jp works are better by having more description like a CN) 7) A good work is a work where you want to kidnap the author to write all the time

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    Status: chapter 52 (end of voume 1)

    This is rather... I don't quite want to call it wholesome because it's still very much smut, but it's quite comfortin to read. The main character has what I'd consider "the right" personality for a story like this and it seems like the author is committed to keeping the harem centred around a solid core of 5 girls. Each of them are lovely in their own way. I don't want to go into too much detail but they all have something that really draws you to them. I'm not even sure I could pick a best girl (that's somewhat a lie, I can, it's Cecille but I'm a sucker for her tropes and Angel is a close second). 

    The bad

    The grammar is passable. It's something you can read certainly, but it isn't smooth. It's mostly minor grammar mistakes that inturrupt the flow of the story a bit but nothing so bad I was forced to stop reading. The cultivation is also pretty standard. I wouldn't call it "bad" per say but you've seen it a thousand times already.

    The p*rn tags to watch out for

    One final thing is that there are some... what I'll call "porn tags" to watch out for. I won't be going over everything, just the ones I think some people may have issues with. I have issues with none of them so... yeah


    Futa, Futa on Futa, Incest (Mother-Daughter), Tail Play, Yuri (Girls Love)


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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 575. first half of the...

    Edit: Note to self. Don't try to write a review when you're emotional.

    I'll start out with the negative.

    Almost 600 chapters into the story, and the author manages to invalidate about 90% of the main casts personalities and actions throughout the story and the precedents that's been set. I'm honestly confounded about what's going through the authors brain when writing this.


    s*xual assault and even people being too aggressive in their approach towards the main cast have always been punished in some way, often harshly up to the point of torture. A physical AND mind rape attempt is made but everyone is magically okay with it because the person said they were sorry. Tje justification is that the person is very strong, which doesn't hold water as other times when it's been strong people they've just delayed their revenge.


    It is so completely out of character and so poorly handled narratively that it's now impossible to tell how the MC will actually react in any given situation in the future.

    Now, that's the negative out of the way. Unto the positive.

    The main cast pretty much hits most of the kink spots for everyone. If you want a smut read that actually has plot, this is the place to be.
    The author has quite a gift for imaginative fighting scenes, which never fails in impressing me.

    The harem has been kept manageable and kept "real" with their own personalities, quirks, upsides and downsides. It's dynamic with all the positives and negatives. Although, sometimes I do think it's a bit on the "too rosy optimist" side with how divergent some of their personalities are, the author more often than not makes the conflict resolution believable.

    One of the best things about the story, to me, is the continuous character development. How each member in the main cast grows and learn to deal with the new and old. That they learn the world isn't black and white, but tinged in greyscale.

    Lastly, my biggest hope is that the author finds an editor. The book could use some love and attention to clean up some of the grammar and sentence structures, as it's very evident the author isn't a native English speaker. It would elevate the whole thing to a new level.

    To cap it all off, an apology to the author for my original review:

    Dear author. You didn't deserve what I dished out there and I'm so sorry for lashing out the way I did. It wasn't fair to you and it wasn't fair to an otherwise very good book.

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    Status: chapter 126

    It's fun, it's well written, it has great world building, it has great s*x scenes🤭, and Bob is doing a terrible job fixing the fourth wall. What's not to like right? Right, stop reading this and go read...

    What are you still doing here? (ಠ_ಠ) >⌐■-■ Go!!

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 577. tengliu’s past. earnings...

    I really should be sleeping, but since I've decided to review another story, I suppose it's too late to jump off the train. 

    But I'll keep it short. I have a tendency to make it long and detailed. Forgive this scientist for trying to be thorough. In any event...

    One— The author is very nice. I feel like it should be said. 

    Two— The story is very nice. There are occasional dark and tragic and ahahaha-punches-the-wall-meme moments, but the story is very fluff. And violent. Lots of violence. Hehehe...

    Ahem... anyway, the grammar is acceptable. Some minor spelling stuff, but the author is very responsive. I think, now that I fell I must say it, that the word you're looking to replace this copious and, at this point, on-character use of "directly" is "instantaneously" or just "instantly". It means to be like the Flash and do very Ka-Chow! ™️ things. The way the story is written is very descriptive, detailing everything that's going on, but it's relatively straightforward, so if anything, it just makes you absorbed in the lore. 

    Three— The characters. Are. Adorable. I need a stable income so I can join patroon and give headpats. Each of the characters are unique, and provide something to the story, the MC, and the lore. I cannot say much to new readers, except do not be daunted by the 500+ chapters because you will love them all. Especially Yasenia. Especially cute cuddly growling Yassy. I would like to offer humble head pats. If the Queen would give it herself, this lowly mortal would be most delighted. 

    Four— The relationships are beautifully written. Not the best composition, or English for that matter, that I've read, but I love how the relationships are portrayed. The MC is LOYAL. She is also SMART. She is PRAGMATIC. And she would burn the world if that's what her lover wants. Because that's how it goes. Lovers are special. And on that topic, the MC does have very unique relationships built. I can't go into details, but I like how most people just argue about this and that while our MC is just built different. It's a spoiler, but you'll understand how I feel.


    There is incest, but in a way that I've likely never seen before. "Am I your mother, or your lover?" It turns out there was a very easy answer, and people were just too dumb not to see it. Both. Both is good. 

    The MC doesn't constrain themselves to a singular title. She can have a relationship both as a lover and as a daughter. To be fair, when you think about it, they're not mutually exclusive. Yes, the love they give is fundamentally different, but the expressions of love are not particularly overriding. You can spoil your daughter, and give your love as a woman. You can dote on your lover, and you can still scold or praise them as a mother. The line is extended, perhaps, but it's not like there's a lower line on expressing your love. Her mother's take on relationships is also very unique. Very much how an extremely ol— EXPERIENCED! Extremely experienced young woman would view s*xual relationships. Even if she has to share her body, as long as her daughter's heart belongs to her, filial or otherwise, she doesn't mind her getting other lovers. And I mean lovers. She doesn't just go for anyone. She aims for long-standing commitment. Truly, built different


    Our MC isn't a doormat, or a power creep either, she uses everything to her advantage, isn't afraid or pretentious, knows when to listen to advice, and knows to draw a line when it is needed. 

    Finally— The world building is great. Simply great. I'd recommend just reading it. It's not something that I can explain in a way where you will understand whether you will like it or not. Take the time. Breathe. Stretch. Hit the chapter 1 button. 

    This portion is a review about the more recent chapters. New arrivals shouldn't read this. It's not even a spoiler. You simply won't understand anything. If you haven't gotten to the ch 560~ part yet, perhaps skip this...

    Skip it.


    I have a lot of things to say, but the main one I want to talk about is Tengliu, the Harpy Matriarch. It would seem that we are finally seeing the first bout of a sustained violent reaction against her. Understandable. Still, hear me out: 

    Whatever the reasons for her trying to get close to Yasenia, whether or not it is justifiable for her redemption arc doesn't really matter. Yas is actively trying to make amends simply because there's no point in making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, she was disrespectful, but what can she do? That's simply how she is. I know some will reason out that that's just using cultural barriers as a way out, and in a way, it is. Because it is a way out. Tengliu is much like Tatyana in this regard. Tatyana doesn't mind who Yas sleeps with for the most part as long as her bottom line is not crossed. Tengliu doesn't mind getting all touchy feely and making out as long as she feels comfortable with it. Though Tatyana's bottom line is that she cares for Yas, and only want Yas to care for her in return. Tengliu is much MUCH younger than Tatyana (Hey, I'm not mentioning your age, so don't break the fourth wall here) and is much more powerful than most, so her stance is more of the standard cultivator mindset: if it didn't work once, maybe you're not putting enough power into it. It's all about compromise, you can't expect to find exactly the right people and instantly clicking with them 100%. Yas didn't want a harem, but she compromised 5 girls. Tatyana put down the foot on the No-men policy. Tengliu wants to get it down. Has doesn't wanna. They'll work it out, and you can't do that while being grumpy about the past. Remember it, but don't dwell on it, as they say.

    It seems distasteful, but that's called a cultural gap. Even if Tengliu doesn't find jumping on someone for some casual flings annoying, we, and certainly Yas, do. And even if we think it's perfectly fine to smack the annoying harpy who's senior by thousands of years just because Yas was insulted, Tengliu will certainly find that annoying. Why is the fly making a fuss, right? We have our set of methods to use and methods not to use. It's a "eww" moment to find someone using the latter, especially on yourself. But in any event, what happened, has happened. As the lore stands, Tengliu went too far, because she got too engrossed in her pride when Yas repelled her charm, and it just escalated from there, until our smart MC decided to be the big girl, and DEescalate (using some bigger gun diplomacy). From then on it's a matter of amending the relationship. If it falls through all the same, Yas will deal with it. She may avoid war, but it sure as heck doesn't mean she's not ready to double down. And maybe Yas doesn't like her, but if she doesn't make an effort, the hate won't shift. Someone has to take the first step, and clearly, grandma harpy has got too much face to admit loss, so she might as well be the one to step up. And clearly, it's working. Cute cuddly Yassy always works. How else did she make everyone stronger than her at her home bow at her feet? With purring, growling, and cuteness. Lots of cuteness. Cuteness defeats all evil. And who knows. Grandma harpy has long been in need of progeny. Perhaps once her redemption arc is over she can get in line for the Progenitor doing some, ahem... repopulation stuff. Blurb dragon when?


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    Status: Chapter 297. Difficult Options.

    Now I like cultivation stories, ready many and I enjoyed most of them. Plenty were garbage but I still like them cause I guess I don't have taste? I just really enjoy reading. But this is fine. MC and main the cast are fun, the cultivation powers are neat and everything seems thought-out and structured. 

    Now this story does have smut. Personally I don't care for it? Wait not exactly correct ummm. How do I put this.. I don't hate smut at all, I really don't dislike most troops/tags/whatever really, its just if I'm reading a story I'm not looking for stories with it as the primary reason for me to read a story. 

    But I can see and understand that plenty don't like that sort of thing. However this story does have decent balance of it compared to others and it mostly only occurs when relevant enough. And sometimes it won't happen for large number of chapters cause it is isn't the time for it. But when it does occur it's well written I guess (like I said don't going out of my way looking for it, so don't have much to compare it too).

    What else to say... hmm, the story is weirdly wholesome, each of the main cast has their own unique power set (which is good for cultivation story to have each character to have a moment to shine)

    Overall I enjoy the story, good action, characters and plotline so far. 

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    Status: c0

    I read on other website novel 10/10. The beast mother-daughter duo :). Xianxia + yuri + fluffy + incent = ultimate combo

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c414

    The best GL in this platform. 10/10 R18 scenes. Angel best girl. [Edit 17/6]: honestly this is the perfect harem style romance in this website (stealing spree in webnovel / YuuShou for jp syosetu even tho this MC brick wall brain ded) dude I feel like the author truly knows what he's doing, I just wanna cheer on the author since it is so rare that a harem story doesn't make u forget like half of the harem member and I believe that this novel should be in no.1 ranking best novel in this website no doubt. (Im kinda biased since the portal realm arc the first half kinda a slog to read through but the second half of that arc kinda safe it.)

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    Status: chapter 703. final challenge. a dragoness's...

    This is a perfect novel in my opinion.

    I read all 703 chapters available in 4-5 days, it was that good and addicting. I'm writing this the day after finishing it and I'm already having some light withdrawal symptoms. 🤣


    I love how the harem is done, the girls are lovely. The fact that they are strong enough to be mostly independent and at the same time completely dependent on Yasenia's love is what I've been waiting for in a harem.

    The smut scenes are excellent and even better than what I was expecting at the beginning. (I'd like more lovey-dove with Cecile though.)

    The world building is so good that I can't even find a flaw.

    The cultivation realms are well thought out. There is still a lack of explanation of each realm's requirements though, for example for the beasts, do they really just need to absorb energy passively or via beast cores or is there hidden requirements like bloodlines that create bottlenecks?

    The combats are well written. 

    The professions are good.


    There is a thing that went against what I would have expected though, and that's Sarah the otherworlder. What I was expecting to happen to her was completely not what happened. I was thinking that that she would become the exception for the harem limit but  that she wouldn't have used the system for it. After joining the harem she wouldn't use the main features of the the system (harem building) which would at some point forcefully bend the system into evolving and changeing to accomodate Yasenia better, something like a lover system. 

    I don't mean that I'm unsatisfied with what really happened though, the arc against Sarah and their first meeting way back has done much to uncover some of Yasenia's personality. It might even help Yasenia begin the treatment of Tattana's heart demons, she had a trauma about systems if I remember right.


    Overall 99, 9/100 because of there is still some minor grammatical mistakes, if Author can't afford an editor, there's a trick, go to chatgpt and enter the prompt [is there any mistakes in this text : " crlt+c, ctrl+v the chapter" ] and it will point out most of them. It's free and will correct the most glaring mistakes.

    Anyway thx for reading me, hope you keep it up Author.

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    Status: chapter 509. final results of the...

    I'll keep it simple for all yous eternally skeptical peoples. Dis, dis here is quality gold. 👌 I will admit, the relationships may be slightly unhealthy (primarily type 2 diabetic levels of sweet), but are SIGNIFICANTLY more fair and honest than far too many others. Love, relationships, boundaries, meaningful bonding, and connections are important parts of the plot; and honesty is almost mandatory. Just generally very good love all around, but, there is a fair amount of... obsession (many will die if it is for their dears, but lots of people die for worse, both in reality and in this). We got good action and the strength feels deserved for the most part. With unfathomable seniors, a laid out growth system, talent, and hard work, monstrous mc's and couples may emerge, and slowly climb their way to the top. (This is kinda a dark world but in the sense of, people with power in power doing very unfortunate things.)

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