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/ Series / A Blooming Soul
A Blooming Soul
A Blooming Soul
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4.5 (86 ratings)
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Adim’s life had as many ups and downs as a roller coaster. The 'ride' came to an abrupt stop as his heart broke.

After dying, he finds himself in a world straight out of a fantasy novel. He seemed to have lost his humanity, along with a number of other…things in the process. But it’s all kind of growing on him? As they embark on their journey, will this world unveil its secrets along with their own?

Note: This is just my second crack at writing, so I'm a complete noob. However, I intended to grow as a writer as much as I can. As such any advice or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

AdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Appearance Changes Beautiful Couple Character Growth Cute Protagonist Doting Love Interests Fallen Angels Girl's Love Subplot Hell Late Romance Love Interest Falls in Love First Male to Female Multiple POV Reincarnated as a Monster Ruthless Protagonist Soul Power Souls Sword And Magic Transgender World Tree
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c39

    it's pretty good. The worldbuilding is interesting but the characters and their interactions feel slightly off. There also is no suspension or seriousness at all in the story.

    I haven't noticed any grammatical mistakes and the writing itself is decent. The author struggles a bit with descriptions of characters and their actual surroundings. We have very little details of these, also too many characters are introduced at once or in a too short way, it doesn't stick with the reader.

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    Status: chapter twenty-six: the not so...

    So there's a glossary now, as a result of which half of my review is now outdated. So I'll update to five stars and thank the author for presumably reading this and immediately making work of it. Thanks 

    So yeah this story is great I really love it, and I'm certain I'll enjoy reading more of it now that it's a little easier to keep track of all the characters. 

    five stars.


    this is my old review and can be mostly discounted now, I'm keeping it for posterity.

    greatly enjoyable story overall but I have completely lost track of who is who.

    the first ten chapters are prologue and it's really fun to see the main character at that point still largely unnamed make her way out of a hell that is suspiciously friendly. After that though a whole onslaught of characters is introduced over the course of two chapters and due to the fact that I was at that point still reading as the story was being updated made me completely lose track of who is supposed to be who.

    So I'm provisionally giving this four stars, And I know it's a lot to ask but a glossary of the characters where they get even just the most basic introduction would be really helpful. I do recommend it though, it's very fun to read if you know what's going on. Which was just not the case for me any longer hence the four stars instead of five


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    Status: chapter fifty: fifth-wheeling in hades

    I've got to say, this is probably one of my favorite stories on ScribbleHub. It's got an intriguing premise, worldbuilding that continues to draw me in, and likeable characters whose fates I really care about. The exploration of LGBT themes is definitely a highlight for me, as well, and I appreciate how they're handled. I won't go into details (wouldn't want to spoil anyone~) but suffice it to say that the struggles, and anxieties, the characters go through feel real and relatable to me.

    This is one of the few stories that gets a near-instant read from me, the moment I notice an update, and I don't see that changing. If you're looking for a story that mixes exploration of the self, heartwarming moments, fun fantasy, and the occasional dose of emotional pain, I very much hope you'll give this one a shot.

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    Status: c31

    Ten chapters of her talking to her reincarnated family in the guild is insanely slow-pacing to me. Makes me think she's not gonna figure out they're her family for 200 chapters. Ig It's on me for not seeing the slice of life tag. Other than that it's 👌.

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