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/ Series / I Transmigrated And Now I’m A Degenerate In A Fantasy Novel!
I Transmigrated And Now I’m A Degenerate In A Fantasy Novel!
I Transmigrated And Now I’m A Degenerate In A Fantasy Novel!
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Zhao WuTian thought it be a long time before he died, and if he died early at least his death would have made sense. At the prime age of 30 years old, Zhao WuTian died. Not only did his life end early, it ended stupidly. Lightening didn't strike, truck-kun didn't hit either. No death from a sudden disease or life long one. Nor was he assassinated or had committed suicide. So just how in the hell did he die?

Simple really.

Trying to save his cat from off his next door neighbors air conditioner. He slipped over and tumbled out his window, bludging straight towards his death. As Zhao WuTian fell down he regrettably thought to himself, 'What a senseless way to die.''

And that folks! Is how Zhao WuTian died!

But lucky for Zhao WuTian he gets a second chance at life, as he transmigrates into a novel that he only read the first chapter of. Quickly inhabiting a young youth's body by the name of Bonny Daniels. Who so happens to be a cannon fodder who dies in the beginning of the second chapter.

Just turning over into a new world Zhao WuTian unluckily fines himself in a sticky situation as a prisoner on a pirate ship. Where his life dangles by a thread.

But something was surely wrong here? To die and get reborn, only to die again just after?!

Realizing his predicament, Zhao WuTian vowed to survive this unfortunate event. Only to soon experience many other life threatening situations that would make him rethink his decision on wanting to live.

And maybe, just maybe...

Death the second time wouldn't be so bad after all.

2/21/22 ~

Author-nim: This story is only on Webnovel and Scribble hub no where else. But if you find it on any other website or app email me here

[email protected]

P.S: Slow updates.

Boys LoveDramaEcchiFantasyHaremMysteryRomanceSmutSupernatural
Butlers Calm Protagonist Demons Doting Older Siblings Dragons Fallen Angels Family Fantasy World Gods Lazy Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Mysterious Past Nobles Pirates Reincarnation Royalty Saints Strong Love Interests Transmigration Unrequited Love
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