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/ Series / Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow
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3.4 (18 ratings)
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A life full of regrets.. but no sight of the fallen heart of a man.

Where did everything go wrong? What happened?! What did this... who did this...
What did I do?
A 23 year old in the life of a walking dead (or a neet), disinterested in modern life and oblivious to the wonders of humanity. Finds a Path.
"The internationally renown game company Crestfallen Industry has finally revealed the release date of Rising Essence!!"
"O-o-ooh?! What is this?! CEO of Crestfallen Industry, aka K. Crestfallen, has just revealed the release date for RE?! Just 3 weeks! In 3 weeks the 1,500 years of technology and planning has now come to being! We, the citizens of the New Earth in the 20th century will be the first to witness it!"
"K. Crestfallen has revealed the date for Rising Essence this morning in his account at 9:37 am, did he thought he was slee..."
"The most advanced technology will see light in 3 weeks at..."
Eyes opened wide, disbelief crossing his entire being, the man with a regretful life made a call from the ultimate generation phone he never uses and traditionally throws away after a few days.
Heavy but slow breathing sounded and the tone of the phone marking, then picked up. "M..."
Taking an inaudible deep breath, he continues. "M-Mom, I'd like to get something..."

Something he had not the need nor will to ask for in more than a decade was once again heard from his mouth.

Alternate World Anti-social Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Complex Family Relationships Cunning Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Fat to Fit Incest Love Interest Falls in Love First Maids Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Psychic Powers Slow Romance Unique Weapons Virtual Reality Weak to Strong Younger Love Interests
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 6 — encounter and levelling

    Briefly: Take a look at the surrealism on the cover - it will describe all the phantasmagoria in the work and the mess in the writer's head. Turbidity, headaches, irritation are guaranteed.


    The narration is sharp, twitchy, chaotic. It is impossible to read, so I refuse it.

    Also I put 2/5, which only sh*tty works get from me. This is also on a par with works about R-18 relationships between gays, which, as a straight person, are of no interest to me at all. Only pure slag and plagiarism can fall below.

    The only reason it's not 1/5 is the difference between the top ten chapters and the 160 chapters I looked at. And there are improvements, but it's still at the level of research material.

    Reading a work is as difficult as theories and proofs in higher mathematics and sub-atomic physics. But if with mathematics and physics the difficulty lies in the fact that knowledge itself makes you dizzy. In this work, the problem is already in the method of transmitting information.

    Of course, even without this massive fact, the work could hardly be considered something close not only to a masterpiece, but even just to a good work.

    Implausible reactions and behavior. Excessive plot armor. "Smart", but damn stupid GG. Too much rush in the story.

    Why is only one method of connecting to VR worth it, which contradicts the very loshika of a quality product (gloves... really?).

    To sum up, there is nothing to read yet.

    Until the author sits down and edits his sur to readability, while spending about a couple of months, this work can not even be touched.

    Since in the current state, I can only say one thing: "Even my five-year-old drafts written on my knee look more readable than this..." And this comment is not so easy to earn.

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