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/ Series / I am not a daughter of the vampire queen!
I am not a daughter of the vampire queen!
I am not a daughter of the vampire queen!
182.4k Views 4495 Favorites 48 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1321 Readers
4.1 (74 ratings)
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A human hero, and the leader of an multiracial coalition embarks on a quest to stop the war that has ravaged the world for so long.
However, through a twist of fate he must now live as an vampire loli in order to stop the war.

ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveSlice of Life
Adventurers Alternate World Appearance Different from Actual Age Aristocracy Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Fantasy World Female Protagonist Former Hero Loli Male to Female Royalty Vampires
Table of Contents 48
  1. 47. A doggy in the bag.Jan 29, 2023
  2. 46. Ready for revengeJan 22, 2023
  3. 45. Failed coupJan 15, 2023
  4. 44. Glory to the empire.Jan 8, 2023
  5. 43. A peaceful morning?Jan 1, 2023
  6. 42. Not giving upDec 25, 2022
  7. 41. The wolvesDec 18, 2022
  8. 40. A sword classDec 11, 2022
  9. 39. I promised you.Dec 4, 2022
  10. 38. MachinesNov 27, 2022
  11. 37. KanaNov 20, 2022
  12. 36. A spiritNov 13, 2022
  13. 35. BathtimeNov 6, 2022
  14. 34. The swordOct 30, 2022
  15. 33. Is that really you?Oct 23, 2022
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      New Poepspetter
      Status: 39. i promised you.

      The story isn't bad but the tags massively misrepresent the story in my opinion.

      What I expected what a slice of life story about a former human struggling as a new formed vampire.

      What the story so far seems to be more focused on murder mystery whodunit type thing while most slice of life stuff actually seems to be briefly mentioned and then skipped over.

      Gender bender also seems a bit unreasonable


      Considering MC was female in the first place.


      Not a bad story by any means, but I felt a bit decieved by the tags and expectation didn't match what I was reading.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: 5. will you go with me?

      It's solid, if you found this based off the tags and thus dug into it, you shouldn't be disappointed based on what's out so far.

      However, be aware that the grammar and dialogue is definitely spotty, though the author is making an active effort to revise errors when pointed out, so in time it should end up in a more polished state, so be patient on that front.

      However beware that if you're not already invested in the subject matter, you're unlikely to be able to get past the shortcomings and the somewhat generic nature of the characters. It's definitely leaning into some of the tag-tropes, so if that's what you're here for, you've come to the right place, otherwise though, you might want to carry on looking.

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: 30. a surprise (part1)

      The story is enjoyable so far.

      The grammatical errors are prominent in the early chapters, but as the story progresses, the frequency of such errors also decreases. The balance between the lighthearted moments and the more serious moments that we have gotten in the story so far are well written.

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      2 Likes · Like
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