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Courting Death
Courting Death
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What would you do if you met Death? And I don't mean if you died, I mean, if you literally met Death?
Sophie Bright, a 17-year-old high school student met tragedy one day on the streets of City Y. With no doctors on site, she died.
Sophie Bright, a 17-year-old ghost, on the streets of City Y, met Death. Both figuratively and in the most literal sense.

So what would you do if you met Death? If you met the Grim Reaper?
Would you do as Sophie did?

Sophie: "..."
Death: "..."
Sophie: "Wait, don't tell me."
Death: "?"
Sophie: "You've fallen for me, haven't you?"
Death: "???"

Would you... Court Death?

Author's note: Hey guys, I'm just transferring this over here so just ignore it. Not sure if I'll ever write anything again, I might - who knows?

Also - High quality cover
Also also - I'm an idiot and used the shorthand version of my username when signing up here ;-;
Also also also! - Here I am on NU

Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead
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