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/ Series / I Got Turned Into A Demon-Girl And I Am *Totally* Ok With This!
I Got Turned Into A Demon-Girl And I Am *Totally* Ok With This!
I Got Turned Into A Demon-Girl And I Am *Totally* Ok With This!
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So far I've been killed, reincarnated as a girl, started sharing my body with a demon, my best friend turned into a succubus, then my girlfriend did too, and so did my other girlfriend. Then I found out my demon headmate was actually my mom from a past life, and now she wants revenge against the demon who killed me 2000 years ago.

So me & my girlfriends are trying to juggle our demonic business and our normal college girl lives, all without anybody else finding out about the supernatural stuff we're involved in. And on top of all that, I'm determined to get my wings one way or another. Even if it kills me. Again.

This is the sixth installment of our 'Mara-verse' series.
Additional Tags: Chosen Family, Polyamory, Polycule

DramaGirls LoveSlice of LifeSupernatural
Contracts Demons Dense Protagonist Dreams Family Female Protagonist Friendship Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Reincarnation Sex Friends Sharing A Body Succubus Transgender Unreliable Narrator
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