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/ Series / Danmachi: Westward Cloud
Danmachi: Westward Cloud
Danmachi: Westward Cloud
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Cirrus Zephyr

Our protagonist Cirrus Zephyr at age 22.

Cirrus at age 22

Shirakusa Ai

Shirakusa Ai later


Ai Zephyr

at age 21.

Born in the Far East, Yamato to the Shirakusa clan, a small clan under the service of the Gojouno Family. But given that she is the youngest child her second older brother Ayumu went to work for them while the eldest came to work for Amaterasu along with the eldest daughter Aki also came under the Empress's service until she established a new order of Samurai to replace Susanoo's.

While the third daughter of the Shirakusa's, Ayumu married into the Ebisu Familia, Ai joined Susanoo's order of Samurai the Oceanic Samurai. Unfortunately she was not there for to long and about a few months since she joined she was already leaving her homeland behind of her own choosing.

The Susanoo Familia then traveled to Orario to grow in strength and in turn make money, money in which will be used to have a sword made of such value to be worth a nation to return home.

Candidus Nox

Candidus Nox or more simply just Nox, she is of the First Generation of Spirits created by the gods in their likeness.

Contracted to Cirrus when he was traveling through the desert. As the one who freed her and paired with the contract she made with him she will be with him even after death.

She also holds Cirrus in a much higher regard then everyone else, the only one who holds as much regard as Cirrus was her creator, Nyx.

She is known by her fellow Spirits as the Grand Spirit of The White Night, though that is her classification in terms of power none of the spirits that exist in the current era know of her. Only the gods of old who have managed to stay in Gekai for 1000 years knew her name and title.


Circe, the Unique Spirit of Witchcraft.

A very petite spirit who escaped from the Spirit Hunt which lead to several First Generation Spirits and even some from her 1.5 generation, which were created towards the very tail end of the 1st generation and into the 2nd generation.

She had spent several centuries on a Island, cut off from the world both by the sea and from her magic which can create a barrier.

She is not a Spirit created for combat like Nox, no she is a Spirit created for support. Her specialty lays in her Alchemic and Crafting prowess. But because she wasn't created doesn't mean she isn't able to fight back no she has a good variety in terms of combat, defense, and healing.

Since she usually spends more time in Lenoa's shop she gained the name of Little Witch by the people.

Much like Nox she also holds Cirrus in a high regard but unlike Nox she holds her creator Hecate and Lenoa on the same level as Cirrus. She does have a soft spot for Ais.


Artemis, the Goddess of The Hunt.

Why is she in a bunny suit? Chapter 218.

Basic Abilities

Originally I was going to use the original ranking for the stats but I changed it to make it more...impressive and expansive as before the furthers one could go is SSS rank and anything above that is simply SSS.

0 to 99 is I Rank

100 to 199 is H Rank

200 to 299 is G Rank

300 to 399 is F Rank

400 to 499 is E Rank

500 to 599 is D Rank

600 to 699 is C Rank

700 to 799 is B Rank

800 to 899 is A Rank

900 to 999 is S Rank

1000 to 1099 is SS Rank

1100 to 1199 is SSS Rank

1200 to 1299 is X Rank

1300 to 1399 is XX Rank

1400 to 1499 is XXX Rank

1500 to 1599 is Y Rank

1600 to 1699 is YY Rank

1700 to 1799 is YYY Rank

1800 to 1899 is Z Rank

1900 to 1999 is ZZ Rank

2000 and above is ZZZ Rank, from this point forward the growth is extremely painfully slow.


When thinking of a way to help Humanity the gods gave the people of Gekai their children, Spirits.

Of all the spirits the First, Second, and Third Gen were the most powerful.

First generation's like Nox are only dwarfed in power by the gods themselves. They took to much after them and were not very human compatible. In most cases the contractors all die from exhaustion of the Spirits using their magics, other's die along with their contractors as per their contractors dictating the Spirit give their existence to them. Such contracts were very, very common.

Of course the first generation knew of their flaws from their fellow generation discovering it. From that knowledge lived by making shallow contracts which allowed them to help humanity for much longer. But when the gods gave out their Falna the true might of the first generation reared it's face. When using the Falna of their contractor they can amplify their existing magic and bring it up to the realm of gods. After this was learned the Spirit Hunt began leading to the first generation to go extinct and other generation spirits to be killed from their respected god's relationship with one another.

Second Generation Spirits like Aria (Ais's mom) were the most Humanity compatible, a little to much. When their contractor uses their spirits magic they are able to fight a Spirit of Nox's caliber, granted you will need at least 10 or maybe 15 to try and kill her (When Nox is powered by a Falna it would take at least 50 to kill her alone.).

Much like with the first generation the second also had their devastating defects. When they make a contract with one of the opposite sex they can have children with them alone. Children of the Spirits were named Nephilim. Their has only been one who lived to adulthood, the rest were slaughtered because of that adult's actions and strength.

Third Generation, these Spirits were the perfected recipe the gods finally mastered, they had a good balance of strength and human compatible. In this generation you have a lot of Spirits who turn into weapons and objects.

They are the basis in which Spirits were created from then on.

Fourth Generation. They are merely normal Spirits who were created for quantity over quality. Their nothing special about them, aside from the Heroes they contracted with.

There is classification on a Spirit's strength.

  1. Grand Spirits. They are entirely comprised of First Generation Spirits.
  2. Spirit Kings. They are comprised of the Generation 1.5 and some from the Third Gen.
  3. Great Spirits. They are made of mostly of the Third Gen.
  4. Spirits. They are entirely comprised off Spirits from the Fourth Gen.
  5. Unique Spirits. These Spirits vary Spirit from Spirit in this classification. These Spirits are majorly made from the in-between of Generations so they are comprised of Gen 1.5 and 2.5's.
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Table of Contents
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    Status: [vol.2] quest 140- chaos

    The story is frustrating in many parts. One of which is that it starts out very well! Then it starts to go down. However, I will focus on the MC. 

    The MC is basically an adult, that forgets he's an adult halfway through the story. It's hard to understand an adult seeking power in a war zone not understanding that their will be horrible situations he will find himself in. The MC doesn't embrace his "apparent" blood lust and it becomes a crux of the story. I say apparent because his actions in the war are hidden from the main story. The MC is ordered to fight and kill to grow stronger. The MC accepts and demands the responsibility for growth. The MC is ordered to go and travel. The MC goes and travels to a war zone to get stronger. The MC accepts punishments to appease people. Accepting getting hurt by others to atone for what he believes is bad but he never forgives himself. He's not a beta MC but definitely a Very passive MC that allows others to dictate what happens. I had to stop reading as I couldn't handle the passiveness and whiny nature of the MC. 

    Update : cheated and looked ahead in the story - MC is definitely a beta

    Read More

    17 Likes · Like
    Status: quest 2- dungeon preparation

    Now I am only in chapter 2 so I cant say much about the story besides the fact that it sounds interesting. However the reason I am dropping this fic is because of the writing style. The Author should try to use more show than tell. 

    For example in chapter 2 the author writes "Before going to bed, Fels asked what weapon Cirrus would like to use, and like any child, he picked a sword" The author could have actually wrote this scene but did not. But the story does sound interesting.

    Although to be fair I have not read far at all and for all I know this will be better later in the story so take this review so seriously. I just dont feel like reading more because of how rushed the begining felt. 

    Read More

    7 Likes · Like
    Status: [vol.2] quest 199- next phase...

    The story very enjoyable. I had a very fun read with it. The early parts of the story are very interesting to go through with plenty of world building and some side characters that show up later on. Their not always important but they do have their own lives. The story also stays as true to the source material as they could with the MC doing as the gods tell him to as that is how it goes in Danmachi.

    The writing is also very good, grammar has gotten better. Plenty of dialog of characters talking with one another.

    The MC in particular is very interesting in that he acts like a normal person who has our worlds morals. When he first takes a human life it greatly affects him and even more so with the actions he takes to rationalize what he did. He like many underestimate how brutal war can be and just suffers because of it, he blames himself for it and it sticks with far into the story. All in all the MC does have a anger issue which could be because of trauma or maybe something the author gave him in reference to the hero he was based off.

    Another part of the story that I really like are the small details. A lot of the story you really do need to read it through, if you skim through it.

    A complaint I do have is that the MC does complaint a bit but who doesn't complain and doesn't sound annoying?

    The romance in this series is also done very well, not to cringe.

    All in all this is probably o e of the best Danmachi fanfic out there. Comparatively the MC isn't always after evert girl in the series and wanting to add them to his harem. It's a good change of pace.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: quest 76- mountains with no...

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, the entire message was translated by [Google Translator].

    The story in general is very good and fluid to read, the only problem, at least for me, is the lack of approximation between the protagonist and ANY character, whether traveling companions or family members.

    We don't know if person X likes something or not, even his (possible) romantic interest doesn't have one because she likes the protagonist or a moment to interact and this is something that happens to all characters, including caregivers (adoptive parents?) of the protagonist.

    To be honest, the story is good, it's just this little review that makes me like this wonderful story a little less.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: [vol.2] quest 127.6- childhood crush

    I wrote a long and nuanced review and crashed so simply put, bad english, and 120 chapters in and no improvement, shallow oc's, simplified canon characters, mangled half baked facts from source, insane stat growth for a rather meh power level, danmachi story with MC surrounded by women, but no harem, single oc man with single oc woman. And I doubt its pg18, more like pg15. Its not a fight story, fight scenes are bad, same for romance 99% of the time, the power fantasy is also rather shallow, its not a harem, or a r18, it seems like it wants to be all of them, and set it up to be them, then chickened out halfway with all of them except power fantasy, which its bad at since the others distract so much, and


    the MC chucks leveling up like he used to for no real reason and levels only a tiny bit above others, as opposed to the double he used to. High 2 maybe a 3 star if the English is ever fixed. 

    Edit:  Turns out that the Astraea familia dies anyways like canon for plot and gut punch later. 193.x and 200-203 so it doesn't even get to be a happy story.


    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
    Status: quest 89- leaving again

    an enjoyable story. Really like that it steps away from the harem focus of most danmachi story's. Character development is solid so far. The fights are fun and not too repetitive. While the MC is powerful they are definitely not invincible or world breaking so far. The way they portray the world is well done. Updates very consistently. The romance aspect while definitely not the main focus is pretty good and not done in a cringy or rushed and unnatural way. So all in all a pretty well rounded story

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
    Status: quest 68 - grand spectacle

    At first the short chapters at the front may looks concerning Fret not!! 

    After several chapters ahead its not that shorts The time skip part maybe confusing but ehh its a necessary I guessIts just I hope at the beginning author did some story background for several characters for readers not to be confusedAlthough after all thatThe story, plot, character development is very spot onI enjoyed themAs his power and all is not breaking danmachi rules and no nonsenseAlthough I'm slightly concern about the romance part, lot of stories fell apart in bringing good romanceOverall 10/10

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
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