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/ Series / Another World, Different You, A New Me?
Another World, Different You, A New Me?
Another World, Different You, A New Me?
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I- lost her... I lost everything...

That was the day when she died, when my sister, Kana, died.

Reiko Kestui's parents died when he was 16, leaving her only family member Kana. Kana, however, was very ill, she didn't have much time left, but Reiko believed, working hard to pay off bills, working hard to keep her alive.

But all failed after 4 years.

Now to present time, Reiko, now a young man, yes a man, is dead. Dying of overworking, an almighty goddess took pity of him, granting him one wish in his next time. A glint of hope in his eye, he shouted his wish, he wished to be reunited with his little sister!

Now follow Reiko's journey, as she ventures an another world in search for hi- her little sister!

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiSchool LifeSlice of Life
Age Regression Appearance Different from Actual Age Beasts Caring Protagonist Child Protagonist Determined Protagonist Doting Older Siblings Elves Emotionally Weak Protagonist Familial Love Ghosts Heterochromia Loli Loneliness Magic Magic Beasts Male to Female Monsters Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Naive Protagonist Overprotective Siblings Reincarnated into Another World Siblings Siblings Care Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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