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/ Series / Another World. Different You. A New Me?
Another World. Different You. A New Me?
Another World. Different You. A New Me?
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4.7 (10 ratings)
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At the age of 16, the parents of Reiko Ketsui died in a car accident, leaving him to provide and raise his sick younger sister. Sadly however, Reiko's sister, Kana Ketsui, after 4 years of battle, wasn't able to make it and passed away.

Fast forward to present day, where Reiko, trying to pay back the hospital bills, overworked himself, causing him to die. A goddess taking pity on him, decided to grant him one wish for his next life. "I... I WISH TO BE REUNITED WITH MY SISTER! PLEASE! EVEN IF THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE, I ATLEAST WANT TO KNOW IF SHE'S SAFE AND HEALTHY!" was what Reiko said. Moved by his gesture, the goddess reincarnated him with few special perks along with his wish. Now in an unfamiliar body he, now she, has to journey across the new world, in search of her beloved sister!

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderIsekaiSchool LifeSlice of Life
Age Regression Appearance Different from Actual Age Beasts Caring Protagonist Child Protagonist Determined Protagonist Doting Older Siblings Elves Emotionally Weak Protagonist Familial Love Ghosts Heterochromia Loli Loneliness Magic Magic Beasts Male to Female Monsters Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Naive Protagonist Overprotective Siblings Reincarnated into Another World Siblings Siblings Care Weak to Strong
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