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Odes of Old
Odes of Old
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Round around and round about, for this young bard will sing aloud;
Stories to shout; their rhymes- don't doubt, for of these tales he is so proud!
He travels world; unravels stories- to sing of them and spread their glories;
His rhymes cross seas; his rhythm- breeze; hearing of listeners to seize.

A young bard travels the world in search for stories to fill his poem tome with. He's a no-name who has been granted a calling by a mermaid; who met a traveller that found out how he will die from the whispers of the dead. He wrote of a King that went against an army of undead to reclaim his lost town and of a Human-Faced Spider Queen who has wiped an entire forest clean, changing the fate of a traveller into meeting her.

This is just the beginning of his journey and he can't wait to tell you what other stories he has come across!

Artists Curses Dark Death Death of Loved Ones Destiny Episodic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World First Love Flashbacks Kingdoms Magic Magic Beasts Medieval Necromancer Poetry Wars World Travel Zombies
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