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/ Series / Legend of Legendary Summons!
Legend of Legendary Summons!
Legend of Legendary Summons!
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4.3 (37 ratings)
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(Volume 1)
A strange beast—a wolf-pup—born in ruins. Lacking common sense.
Will it survive in the world of summons among the cunning and treacherous two-legged creatures?
Or will it become a pet for another summoner?

It will take its own fate and do something never done before?
You don't have to follow his journey; just read it...

(Volume 2)
Life as an ordinary pup is hard.
Our cute little chaotic being, mistaken as a moonlight pup, went through many adversaries in the human world and finally entered the Tong Tian Tower.
Wait, he will look like a human?
Hmm, doesn’t that mean he will have to act like a human?
Acting like a Human? Sounds so easy!

Now, is it really so easy?
Following his hectic journey might be hard, but reading is not...

(Volume 3)
The chaotic creature has become more ‘humane’ and successfully fitted in in human society.
Or at least that’s what he would like to believe.
However, life isn’t so easy for the handsome and talented creature.
A needy teacher hell bent on lewding him.
A knowledge hungry Principal ready to cage him for his knowledge
And when a City Mistress wants him as her head guard, endless chaos ensues.

All the while, a certain book-reading girl giving him cold eyes.
Tian Lang must survive this ordeal while feeding his kid...
Wait, what?!
Now, don't get caught in this chaos by trying to follow him, just read it for safety...

Release Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.
Cover by LimeBlock
(Note: I do not own the cover)

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFanfictionFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMature
Long Live Summons!
Alchemy Artifacts Assassins Beast Companions Cunning Protagonist Demons Dwarfs Elves Evolution Game Elements Gods Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Humanoid Protagonist Male Protagonist Monster Girls Monster Tamer Polygamy Romantic Subplot Sexual Cultivation Technique Summoning Magic Weak to Strong World Travel
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      Status: chapter 045: tian lang, the bad...
      Feb 13, 2021

      This is a nice story. It has an original and light feeling to it. 

      The MC is funny and interesting. 

      The plot is well though out. 

      I recommend it. 

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 061: yue yu: tian lang’...
      Jan 19, 2021

      well, the story so far is nice comedy where MC doesn't have any common sense and is gaining it (sometimes with great difficulty). Oh and don't worry MC stopped massaging himself already to get mountains, and he massages everything else 

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c29
      Nov 5, 2020

      great fanfic if we ignore the irregular update

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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