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/ Series / The Vampire’s Never-ending Curiosity
The Vampire’s Never-ending Curiosity
The Vampire’s Never-ending Curiosity
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Main/Major Characters
The protagonist

She is a newly born pure vampire.

Her story starts from the royal graveyard of Estmoor, the capital of Kingdom of Cresta.

She was born from the lingering mana left from a huge 6th Tier death magic area spell, [Wave of Death], which was cast in Cresta ???? years ago, in a last-ditch effort to turn the tide of the three-year war against Morgia Empire, Magisus Kingdom and Theocracy of the Sun.

Fundamentals of Magic

People who use the power of magic, magicians, are more commonly referred to as mages or sorcerers. The former are low to mid level magic users, while sorcerers are considered highly skilled.

The word 'magician' itself is only a honorary title, in the modern day it is rarely used in common speech over 'mage' or 'sorcerer'.

Magic is the power of mana. Mana can mostly be found in two forms: inside living creatures (and oftentimes undead and golems) and in the surroundings as remnants of magic spells that have been cast. In order to create mana inside their body and to cast magic, a living being needs three things:

  • Power. The spirit energy in the surroundings. Elemental spirits are everywhere and they radiate their energy endlessly and equally to everyone. Although spirits can't be found in areas where their element is nonexistent, i.e. Fire spirits don't reside in the ocean depths.
  • Container. The organ to absorb the Power (spirit energy). The organ is called the magic core. Most beings have this organ somewhere in their bodies, although the size and location varies. For the undead, their entire bodies act as a huge magic core and/or magical reservoir. There are few races without magic cores.
  • Filter. It is mental strength, concentration or imagination. All three are valid ways to call it, or it can be thought that all three of them are needed. The caster needs to feel and absorb the elemental spirit energy and filter it inside the magic core into elemental mana of only the element the user wants to cast. The filter is required, as other elements must not be mixed in while casting magic. The excess spirit elements/energies are filtered out and expelled from the magic core.

In order to cast the actual magic spell, the caster then needs to imagine the effect they want and send the mana to the location where they want the spell to happen.


Spirits are a completely separate entity from other races. They are small immortal beings invisible to most races. Only races with large magic cores and good control of magic can see them. Such beings are adult elves, old merfolk and vulrens, ancient dragons and some pure vampires.

Spirits are the origin of magic. Just by existing they radiate their endless energy into their vicinity. This spirit energy has their own element imbued in it and living creatures absorb that energy and convert it into mana with their magic cores.

Each spirit naturally has an element and they exist in large amounts nearly all over the world. Spirits don’t like to reside in areas that are against their element. For example water spirits hate to stay near volcanoes or forest fires and fire spirits are almost nonexistent in the bottom of the ocean. Sun and moon spirits reside almost all over the world.

Spirits’ strength and the level of spirit energy they radiate depend on how much of their element is in the vicinity. As a result it will be difficult to cast water magic near a volcano or on the desert. Or sun magic during a dark night.

Spirits also act as the purifiers of air. They eat the residual mana of their element that lingers in the air after a spell has been cast. They convert the mana back into their own energy, which they then again radiate into the air.

If the mana is left unattended, it can lead to corrupting creatures that are not compatible with the mana's element. Few creatures are compatible with Moon element, as most living beings are creatures of the day.

Tiers of Magic


The following seven are the basic elements of the world

Sun (a.k.a. Light)

Moon (a.k.a. Dark)






There is also the additional ????? element

Magical Tools


Magical corruption is feared all over the world. It is a term most commonly used for madness and/or physical mutation caused by magic. It can also lead directly to death. The madness is caused by failed spells backfiring on the user’s mind. Physical mutations are caused from breaking the user’s magic core. Physical mutation will lead almost without fail to madness, but madness can happen without physical mutations.

Corruption can happen in three ways: 

  1. Overdriving one’s magic core with more mana than it can handle, causing it to break. Results in physical mutation or death. Often the pain will also lead into madness.
  2. Failing to properly filter spirit energy into mana of a pure element before casting a spell. If one tries to cast a spell with mana that contains other element(s) than the spell one is trying to cast, it will backfire heavily and corrupt the mind and/or body, more often than not leading to madness.
  3. Excessive mana of non-compatible element, usually Moon mana. Most races are not used to Moon magic, being creatures of the day, so their magic cores and their mind can’t handle it. 

Mana lingering in air is different from spirit energy, as it is a form of processed spirit energy. Living beings can only absorb spirit energy, not mana. The lingering mana will just cause corruption overtime, like how breathing polluted air will make you sick.

Excessive Moon element mana in the surroundings can easily cause either of the two aforementioned cases. Most races are capable of handling almost all elements at least to some extent, so the risk of being corrupted by other elements is small. I suppose if one were able to cast some of Fire magic around merfolk, that would have the same effect. 


Humans are the most common intelligent race on the Continent. They form over half of the total population. 

They are quite comparable to our Earth's humans, with the exception that they have Magic Cores and many (but not all) of them can use magic.

The humans of the story's main continent have skin colors varying from near-white pale to brown. There are darker skinned humans in the world, but they don't live on this continent.

The average lifespan of a commoner class human of the world is lower than ours, about 60-70 years.


Elves are a fair-skinned, long-eared and very long-living race who are highly skilled in magic and prefer to live in large forests and stay near nature.


Vampires are an extremely rare, immortal and intelligent undead race that strongly resemble humans in appearance. They are very strong magical beings and can become exponentially more powerful as they live for a longer time.

There are two types of vampires:

  1. Pure Vampires. They are extremely rare and strong, once or twice in millennium appearing variant. They are 'the originals', 'the pure bloods'.
  2. Generation Vampires. Weaker and more common variant. Still very rare. Oftentimes also called 'Thrall Vampires', but depending on circumstances the latter name is misused. They are vampires 'born' because of the actions of another common vampire or a pure vampire.

All vampires' most prominent appearance characteristics are their red eyes and sharp fangs. The eye color can be found on other races too, although not often, so the fangs are the best give-away, yet hidden inside their mouths. 

They are immortal, but are extremely weak to sunlight and the Sun element, making them far from invincible.


Dwarfs are a short humanoid race, skilled in crafting.

Measurement of Time

Planet is the size of Earth. Years are as long as ours, 365 days long, with 12 months. There are 30 days each month, with the exception of 33 and 32 days in June and January respectively. Every fourth year January gets a 33rd day too. Year changes in spring.

In our world’s terms April would be the first month of the year.

  1. Month of Life (month of new life, April)
  2. Ethrea’s Month (month of the Nature Goddess, May)
  3. Ethrea’s Month (month of the Nature Goddess, May)
  4. Solas’ Month (month of the Sun God, June)
  5. Ignea’s Month (month of the Fire Goddess, July)
  6. Mithos’ Month (month of the Earth God, August)
  7. Ulros’ Month (month of the Water God, September)
  8. Withrea’s Month (month of the Wind Goddess, October)
  9. Dusk Month (month of dimming light, November)
  10. Lunea’ Month (month of the Moon Goddess, January)
  11. Crystal Month (month of ice, February)
  12. Dawn Month (month of brightening light, March)

Weeks are 7 days long like ours, with each day dedicated to a god or a goddess. On the novel’s continent Sundays and Mondays are generally dedicated to praying and resting.

  1. Day of Lunea (Moonday, Monday)
  2. ay of Mithos (Earthday, Tuesday)
  3. Day of Ethrea (Natureday, Wednesday)
  4. Day of Ulros (Waterday, Thursday)
  5. Day of Ignea (Fireday, Friday)
  6. Day of Withrea (Windday, Saturday)
  7. Day of Solas (Sunday, Sunday)

Individual days are divided like ours: 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds.

Other Measurements

Conventiently enough, this fantastic world uses our Earth's Metric system and the International System of Units (SI).

Maybe a World Time traveler introduced them to this world at some point?

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