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The World Beyond
The World Beyond
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The core foundation of how worlds are made.
Just like a book, a story was formed in the first page. Like in every story. It has it's own ending, desperation ensues to those unfortunate to have their own world destroyed altogether including themselves.

When the book reaches it's final page, those written in it will fade away into nothingness.

That was how a Representative was born... to attack or defend for the sake of their homeworld. To consume the pages to the stories that have not yet ended, making it into their own. Ending the latter instead.

But they aren't perfect.... They aren't heroes that you see in fairy tales... They have their own motivation and goals, to the point where they'll destroy their world instead.

Much as the one you are watching is nothing but a fraud....


I'm still rewriting the old ones so the new chapters will be delayed for a bit. Expect sudden quality drops from non-rewritten ones especially ch 24.

And english is not my native language.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMartial ArtsTragedy
Age Progression Child Abuse Death of Loved Ones Demi-Humans Depression Emotionally Weak Protagonist Identity Crisis Love Triangles Low-key Protagonist Near-Death Experience Past Trauma Weak Protagonist Weak to Strong World Hopping
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    Status: c16

    It has much potential (c16) give it a try, to the author I think many would prefer if he does not join the party and gets a bit more involved in the crack in the sky and does not stay in the capital for too long first review on this site hope it provided you with value

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