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/ Series / In the light of the stars
In the light of the stars
In the light of the stars
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A pair of twin catfolk with mysterious powers who've been locked up in this lab for as long as they can remember... until a hammer-wielding woman, who is also the first other catfolk they've ever seen, smashes the crap out of the place and shows them freedom.

Why was she even there? Well, she had some plans, but... no, she's not setting them aside, silly. Just adjusting them. Throwing just herself recklessly into danger was fine, but now that she has kids to look after, she's gotta be a bit more careful.

It soon becomes clear that she's nearly as out of her depth as they are.

(Posts once per week once an arc is done. Second arc is currently being posted every Saturday.)

Adopted Children Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Child Protagonist Fantasy World Multiple Protagonists Overpowered Protagonist Siblings Twins
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    Status: c1.3

    There is a lot of mystery to be uncovered here, and the author does an excellent job of giving out just enough clues to keep the reader hooked. The dialogue is the strongest part of the story in my opinion. Each character has their own unique voice that helps make them distinct from one another.

    The story is short for now, but there is a lot of room for development for those willing to invest time into reading. 

    Lots of cat people, too, so a definite read if you're a fan of that as well!

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