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/ Series / Shadow of the Soul King (LitRPG)
Shadow of the Soul King (LitRPG)
Shadow of the Soul King (LitRPG)
296.9k Views 7451 Favorites 184 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1086 Readers
4.7 (98 ratings)
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Earth was ending. He tried to save it with science. She betrayed him. Together they almost started World War III.

Now their home is facing an invasion of monsters and extraterrestrial forces, but it's no longer their problem.

They're dead and soon to be reborn as monsters. Instead of saving their world, their job will be to destroy another one through science and guile.

But there is something wrong with his mind, and she'll have to work hard to keep him alive.

Oh, and the universe seems to function like a litrpg.

Current schedule:

1 Chapter a week on Wednesday

Autism Contracts Couple Growth Crafting Cunning Protagonist Dao Comprehension Evolution Fantasy World Game Elements Hiding True Identity Incubus Level System Overpowered Protagonist Power Couple Pragmatic Protagonist Previous Life Talent Proactive Protagonist Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Reincarnated as a Monster Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist Spirit Advisor Succubus Trickster Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 136: a gift from a...
    I think this might be the first time I see a "reincarnated" spy in a webnovel that actually feels like she does intrigue and manipulation, instead of just solving all her problems through brute force. And I've read maybe hundreds of those stories...
    I've tried nearly everything on scribblehub with >100k words and high ratings, and this is my second favorite (after the one with "Erf")
    The writing is quite good, and while heavily borrowing from the conventions of the genre, I enjoy the fact that the author has managed (so far!) to avoid many lazy tropes that tend to plague stories like this.

    Author, I hope you sort your problems, I'm looking forward to reading more!

    (Disclaimer: I don't usually write reviews, only writing this because I've read about the author's troubles)

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    Status: chapter 133: epecteos on earth

    What the people before me said. Basically, the story is *really* good.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 149: soul lord battle armor

    Shadow of the Sould King is one of my favorite novels. It doesn’t mull over controversial topics like In Loki’s Honor, it doesn’t do an analysis of magic like Technomagica, it doesn’t debate morality and philosophy like Peculiar Souls nor is it focused on willpower like the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound, but it uses the strength of the MCs in order to game the system, and it does this well. &Nbsp;                                   Shadow of the Soul King is the story of two young MCs, Aalam and Mila, who use their every advantage in order to ascend the system. SotSK is a great novel and I highly recommend you read it (and the ones above if you haven’t). That does not mean it is perfect, but it’s pretty close. &Nbsp;                                                           


    Disclaimer: By reading this fiction, one risks much enjoyment and addiction ti said fiction


    If the author reads this, I think that if you by exploring these concepts SotSK will become even better;



     I think that if you explore why aalam at the start of the book and how it affects him and changes him, SotSK will vastly improve. &Nbsp;                                                    I think that Aalam should question Why he is doing what he is doing (is it because he loves it or another reason) at first his motivation was getting back to Diana, but now? &Nbsp;                                                       I feel that while Aalam has the potential to create now wonders, he hasn’t used it in the full and I would love it if he were to  create entirely new wonders, megastructures and tools                              I think that Mila’s outlook is unexplored and if you should explore it more. (You touched on it briefly when you said that she thought that she had not lived life to the fullest and had not lived live for herself but for the state she served)             So far in the book our MCs have not faced much hardship, and with out it, SotSK risks mediocrity. Hardship be both internal and external, but it must be there, I suggest looking at Peculiar Soul (RR) on how it handles an OP MC, yet keeps it engaging, creates meaningful conflict and resolution, and keeps readers hooked. &Nbsp;                                             

    To the author, thank you very much for this wonderful fiction that has got me hooked.


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    Status: chapter 147: soul laboratory

    The world building is great and the characters are all well fleshed out and nicely written. A unique LitRPG story. 

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    Status: chapter 151: after a time skip

    Great story, however, something that some other reviewers don't seem to realize is that there are two MCs. These two MCs are the "Shadow", and the "Soul King", as per the title. The focus seems to be more on the "Shadow" and once again considering the title, it makes sense. 

    The start is a little rough, but it ends up working quite nicely. I would personally recommend trying to stick out the beginning, as although it tells you what to expect, I believe the quality improves, as the author runs through the begining fairly quickly. 

    I've found that some readers get confused at parts, but I've found that most things have some kind of explanation given, or hinted at being given an answer to in the future, so just try to keep an open mind that it makes sense.

    The grammar is usually solid, but I have rather high standards (far above the level I can write at). Every once in a while there is a typo, but for the most part it's consistently high-quality. 

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    Status: chapter 133: epecteos on earth

    A bit of a slow start, overall the story isn't much there yet, it uses it troupes pretty well, though numbers can kind of get really high, the world is probably the best part of it, I quite like what the author did with it. Over all for my enjoyment its pretty cool

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    Status: c130

    Great world building, engaging reading. Well paced progression fantasy. Went through all chapters in one sitting, then subbed to pat**on. Worth it. 🤩

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    Status: chapter 148: e rank race evolution

    Followed the story from RR, had a great time reading it. The novel has fun action sequences, fast paced story and engaging characters. Progression is the main draw for me, I just hope the schedule goes back to 5 chapters a week. But 3/week is better than most other stories.

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    Status: chapter 134: masters’ recommendations

    This book has it's ups and downs like all books, that being said this is one of the better books I've had the pleasure of reading. I will say however that it is worth taking the title at face value, this is not about the soul king, rather it is about the shadow of the soul king.

    I don't have anything negative to say about this story other than perhaps mentioning that it was somewhat challenging to get into at first. The first few chapters weren't quite what I was expecting, but it was worth sticking with in the end.

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    Status: c80

    Starts out strong, if too often focused on the supposed support character. MC a good, logical monster. Then the MC is suddenly not part of the story for about 30 (!) chapters, after which one wishes he had just died, since he suddenly turns into a disgustingly whiny little b*tch. Truly disappointing. 

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