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Rise of The Dark Comander
Rise of The Dark Comander
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Emo. Freak. Goth. Slut. All words used to berate and belittle the distant and cold Shellie Cummings. Her serious and often robotic attitude caused most of her peers to avoid her and those who didn't tormented her relentlessly in order to gain a reaction. Yet when the school was caught in a storm the resulting students found themselves reborn in a fantasy world. Now reborn as a devil Shellie has vowed to make it back to her old world even if it mean destroying this one.

Apathetic Protagonist Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cruel Characters Cunning Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Determined Protagonist Fantasy World Loner Protagonist Manipulative Characters Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Social Outcasts Sword And Magic Transmigration Transported into Another World Twisted Personality Underestimated Protagonist Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons Weak Protagonist Weak to Strong
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