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/ Series / Sunflower : [A sunflower based litRPG]
Sunflower : [A sunflower based litRPG]
Sunflower : [A sunflower based litRPG]
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5.0 (45 ratings)
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    New FionaMay
    Status: chapter 21: life is a treasure...

    I decided to read this novel on a whim, and now at chapter 21, I'm glad I did. There's something about this story that just draws me in. 

    Perhaps it's novelty in that our protagonist is indeed non-human and not a reincarnation of one or an existence with extensive past interactions with humanity before gaining sentience. It is truly what it expresses itself to be; a sunflower. 

    There's something oddly fascinating about the author's writing, and the thought process of our favorite sunflower is expressed with just right blend of logic and strange that leaves me going "yes that could make sense from its perspective, but wtf??"

    Give it a try, it's an easy and most enjoyable read.

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    New watlix
    Status: chapter 21: life is a treasure...

    contexte: I'm looking at the top 5 on the front page. I see many title but one catch your attention. Sunflower ? What a weird title I tough. I click and see a familiar writer and trusting his your time with his other work like - The dungeon item shop, I gave this stories a shot 

    and what a stories it is! Following a sunflower as the title hint, and a young non-bird - worm - fox -monster (humain) on there journey to paradise. It was a surprising read so far, the moraless sunflower is a very interesting protagonist with it view as a alien sapient plant. It view on death is refreshing and hopeful even with some mess up sh*t happening in the back ground.  

    Razzmatazz you did a great job and I can't wait for more! 

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    Status: reading about a beautiful flower

    Did you ever want to read a story about a sunflower? I didn't know I wanted to read about one, but here I am, and I'm glad for the experience.

    The protagonist is, well, a sunflower. It loves to bask in the sunlight, doesn't like birds all that much, and isn't too picky about whether or not the liquid it drinks is blue... or red.  What kinds of red? Well, you'd have to read the story to find out.

    The prose is deliberate, catchy simplicity, constructed in a style that highlights the very nature and thought process of our plant-like friend; what you see in the summary reflects the content of the work itself. This also makes it incredibly easy to read, so if you're on the fence about it, dipping your toes into the first few chapters won't take much of your time to see if it is something you'd like.

    As for the 'harem' element, I've seen no sign of it so far, but I imagine this story is going for the slow yet steady method. It's pretty simple to connect the dots on how one would form given the way the Sunflower's powers work, but if you wanted instant gratification on this aspect I'm afraid that's not what this story is going for.

    The Adventure element was more prominent than I had expected, something that takes liftoff real quick into the narrative. This I feel was a good choice, since all the new, wild experiences narrated by a non-human gives a refreshing perspective on not only how one might react to new stimuli, but sometimes makes you question what being sentient truly means. As the tags imply, this story doesn't shy away from gruesome themes.

    For now, that's all from me. I'll go back to reading about a beautiful flower, but you're free to join me.

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    Status: chapter 10: the long journey over...

    The story is odd but attractive the author's good writing certainly helps Although the premise is interesting, I have some qualms about the rapid power growth, but I believe it is too early to know for sure. The story has some flaws but overall it is well deserving of its 5 star rating

    p.s should probably add the unreliable narrator tag

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