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/ Series / Magic Is The Pinnacle Of Everything!
Magic Is The Pinnacle Of Everything!
Magic Is The Pinnacle Of Everything!
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Every human had the thought of “Wouldn't it be awesome if I become a super-deity-god-omnipotent-king-hyperintelligent—”. Or “The role of an indomitable and enigmatic protector is hella damn cool!”. Or perhaps “The whole world shall bow before my endless army!”.

Such mindsets would lead to interesting events at the cost of their social lives. However, humans were beings that continued to learn and adapt for the greater cause and it was through common sense born the modernized era, alas, at the cost of shelving the hidden truth. But a single young man strived and persisted to his end to attain the neglected and forbidden knowledge.

Thus, he was granted a fresh life for he to unbind from his unruly chains, wholly embracing his desires to run amok and inscribing histories of grandiose level upon the new world.

Academy Acting Adventurers Aristocracy Carefree Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Chuunibyou Demi-Humans Demons Empires Fantasy World Hard-Working Protagonist Heroes Hiding True Abilities Kingdoms Lack of Common Sense Magic Monsters Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Spirits Sword And Magic Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong
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