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Free Lances
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"All right, boys and girls, quit sucking your ma's teats. It's high time we bloody earn our paychecks!"

Born in times of turmoil, orphaned at a young age, and raised amongst rowdy sellswords, young Reinhardt Edelstein joined the mercenary trade as well when he grew up.

When misfortune finally caught up with them, and the mercenary company he had been part of fell into an ambush and was decimated, he survived by chance, along with a few others.

Then he found the baton of responsibility passed on to his hand, as the adopted nephew of the late captain.

Stuck behind enemy lines, with only the tattered remnants of the once proud company around him, he strived to do his best, to rebuild the company to its former glory... Should they survive the current conflict.

Would he succeed in etching his name in the annals of history? Or would he end up as a mere footnote instead?

Only time will tell…

Chapters will range from 1-2k words, scheduled for release every day from Monday to Friday.



-War, with little to no punches pulled.

-Army building

-Tragedies, and dark Comedy/gallows humor.

-Occasional action

Do not expect:

-Much in terms of romance

-Much politics, barring passing views and mentions

-A lighthearted tale. This story will not play nice.

Any comments, reviews, and criticism will be much appreciated.

And thank you for reading.


This story is my original work and only posted on the Royal Road and Scribblehub websites. If you should find this story elsewhere or under another name, please let me know.

Also please don't be too hard on me when I make occasional grammatical mistakes, English is my third language after all. XD

Edit suggestions are very welcome though.

ActionAdultComedyFantasyMaturePsychologicalSeinenSlice of LifeTragedy
Adopted Children Adopted Protagonist Age Progression Aggressive Characters Animal Characteristics Army Building Beastkin Blind Protagonist Character Growth Cruel Characters Death Depictions of Cruelty Disabilities Familial Love Human-Nonhuman Relationship Leadership Male Protagonist Mercenaries Military R-15 Rebellion Strategic Battles Strategist Unique Weapons
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 3 – running with lives on...

    It is action packed. We see the world through the battle between the retreating army and the attackers, with the main character being one from the retreating side. The writing is written so descriptively, that it is easy to imagine the scenes. 

    The world building is done in bite sized installments. The story is a classical fantasy with plenty of action and magical races. It has dwarves and the main character is also from a non-human race, but that one is original. The grammar and style are both good, professional level work overall. 

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    Status: c107

    The battles are good in some sense, though this story also reeks of feminist ideology, every time there is a new ‘bad ass character’ it’s another female character, in battle it’s always the female characters that get the spotlight and the female enemies that get the most dignified deaths while the male enemies tend to be simpering cowards. I did hope that the writing would start to focus more on the actual battles than continue with this trend, sadly it’s a disappointing read because of this. 107 chapters in and my interest in the story has slowly been replaced with boredom, nothing makes a story more boring quicker than one that is not so subtly trying to ram a message down your throat. I want fantasy with interesting battles (the beginning was strong on this) but now it’s heavily leaning into just more and more look at all these warrior women that don’t seem to lose to anything, oh and one token male beastkin who us supposedly the main character but his wife is supposedly better than him in most battles has a tragic story arc, and yet we know little to nothing about the main character over than ‘umma merc’. The battles themselves have a couple of cool concepts which is frankly the main reason I have hung on to reading as far as I did. 

    As for grammar there are a few mistakes here and there that a quick read through should fix, and sure those aren’t too troubling.

    All in all, I give a 4.5/10, not too bad on the battles and building up a storyline towards those battles, some simple spell checking could bring it up to a 5.5 but the story itself with how it waterboards readers with feminist dogma loses at least 3 points and the remaining 1.5 points could be made up if there was actually more coverage of the main characters... Apparently main character’s? story. 

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