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Spirit Exorcists
Spirit Exorcists
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When Mark's troubled friend, Ruby, takes her own life, a grieving Mark heads to her suicide spot to pay his respects. In a strange twist of fate, he is attacked by a powerful spirit that reveals itself to be Ruby. Shen, an exorcist from the Spiritual Anomalies Investigation Bureau, an organisation dedicated to investigating the supernatural, arrives on the scene and attempts to save Mark but complications result in Ruby's spirit binding with Mark. Now, under the guidance of the Spiritual Anomalies Investigation Bureau, Mark has to learn how to use the powers of Ruby's spirit to exorcise evil spirits while revisiting Ruby's troubled past in order to unbind her spirit, allowing Ruby to pass properly into the afterlife.

Cover character is Daiyu from the story, generated with WaifuLabs and edited slightly by me.

New chapters every week!

Alternate World Blood Manipulation Conditional Power Contracts Curses Dark Death of Loved Ones Evil Gods Exorcism Ghosts Gods Magic Modern Fantasy Mystery Solving Near-Death Experience Past Trauma Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Shikigami Spatial Manipulation Special Abilities Spirit Users Spirits Sword And Magic Weak to Strong Youkai
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Table of Contents
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    New Aimzay
    Status: c5

    This is amazing, I'm just gonna stockpile from here because there's too few chapters, but I can say that so far it's been great

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    New doravg
    Status: chapter 4: the test

    The story has an anime feel. There is this anime about a boy who ate demon parts that have similar plot. Mark has to deal with the loss of a friend, who is sort of still there, but in ghost form. Then, after an exciting battle with the distorted spirit, Mark becomes drafted into a spirit exorcists organization. The story has a lot of action, world building, character development and quite a bit of mystery thrown in.  It is worth a read. 

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    1 Likes · Like

    There are less chapter's. You should continue witting. The story isn't bad after-all. The characters & story-plot are developing. Wish you luck.

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