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Reverse World
Reverse World
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4.3 (146 ratings)
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Benjamin was an ordinary high school student. After waking up on a certain day, he found out the gender values of society seemed to be reversed.

AdultEcchiHaremMatureSchool LifeSlice of LifeSmut
Adultery Affair Brother Complex Calm Protagonist Cheating Doting Older Siblings Family First-time Intercourse Handjob Incest Male Protagonist Masturbation R-18 Sex Friends Threesome
Table of Contents 107
Reviews 9
Table of Contents
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    Started with a promising cool concept, I guess, but as of the latest chapters it's really starting to partake in the worst excesses of smut— every chapter just kinda melds together in the mind, can't tell any of them apart from each other more so now then before, it doesn't help there's no real plans to explore any of the wierd reverse dynamics of such a reverse world in a meaningful way. Just really really horny women and almost as*xual nonoffending uncompetitive men, both of which are done in a comically unrealistic horrid way in later chapters— for exmple you'll have an entire bleacher of hs kids and teachers msturbting en masse in public at a goddamn school soccer game, like come on get real. Atm just some terribly long incst taboo checklist arc, really just gonna drop it here.

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    Status: chapter 74 – inclusive

    Honestly, one of the best stories of reverse morality I have ever read.

    Not only did I feel like the character was well fleshed out [ whether that be because of various smuts or wholesome moments], but I truly felt immersed in the world. The MC behaviour seems reasonable in most moments and the consequence of his actions [although most likely unrealic] are absolutely hilarious. The author's lack of fear to break the laws of common sense constantly amuses me.

     I truly believe this story is an enjoyable read.

    And I wish for many more chapters to come in the future.

    [This is not one of my best reviews, but I felt like this story deserved one.]

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    Status: chapter 25 – family time

    good so far, but I wish it would be a bit more than just seeking out the next targets for him. It's also a very light read with no depth.

    Still not too bad.

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    This is my very first review so it might sound weird.

    Character - The MC in this novel actually thinks about consequences, not like the others. For the interactions, they actually sound like humans and talk like humans as well, not like emotional beings.

    Plot - I'm not really sure if I can review about the plot when it's still in it's early chapters, like 20 chapters is still a low amount.

    The author also made the sentences descriptive of the parallel world, which made it more clearer for the readers, and the author also has included minor things like the MC being the one who cooks, since it's a reverse world. These kinds of small things makes stories like this entertaining (for me at least).


    also yes, the MC goes around finding girls to f**k, currently 2 from chap 1 to chap 20


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    Status: chapter 62 – punishment

    Probably the overall best smut story I have ever read.  The story is really well thought out and not rushed, massive props to the MC for not ruining his image by f**king the whole school and neighborhood.  Also more props for actually showing the MC has love and care for his family more than s*xual.  I really can't think of any bad things to say it's very put together well thought out and the scenes are hot.

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    Status: chapter 57 – duel time

    A good MC with a brain that doesnt suddenly act like a sissy just because morals are reversed and a story with good smut-scenes.

    If I had to complain on something it would be the incestuous parts of the story that seems to be standard for this genre for some kind of reason. I mean you have the whole world open to you, for what reason  must you make things akward and bang your family? Thats why I´m a big fan of his "weekend adventures" and hope to see more of it.

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    Status: chapter 50 – commoner

    This book could have more fleshed out characters. Yet the story moves at a pace that still keeps you comfortable. It’s definitely the most detailed version of a gender role swap story but it definitely is the best I have ever read and found. Please keep more and updating this story we appreciate your efforts and time dictatelion. 

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    Status: chapter 34 – meeting nova at school

    Nicely written, wish fulfilment fantasy. Better than other reverse worlds even with the a bit OTT female s*xual aggressiveness. One minor flaw, the girls should be more selfish than they are - for a reverse world they should be about maximising their own pleasure first not the MCs. The s*x scenes are well written (and as you can imagine, there is a lot of them) but the non-s*x scenes are equally well written and makes this story a step up on many = both the MC and those he interacts with are well rounded, fully fleshed out characters interacting in a very believable way. A well written, interesting smutty story.

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    Status: chapter 102

    Story is good, but sending time with grandmother has nothing interesting, should be removed. Grandmother s*x is disgusting so old still want, please remove grandmother from story.

    Also have too much filler chapters.

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