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/ Series / Odyssey of Luck
Odyssey of Luck
Odyssey of Luck
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The Seven Rings, a secret society that has strings around the world.

One can live an entire life without even feel or know their existence. For those who know them, if someone has a fate connected with, it's easier just accept the Rings's will, cause those that gone against had failed since ancient times.

Vincent Morris has been living with his sister and his uncle a common and comfortable life.

With a sudden turn of events, he ends discovering that society, so what kind of fate is waiting for him?

Note: You know the drill, feel free to point out errors or inconsistencies. Or just leave a comment. Everything is appreciated since English is not my native language.

Adopted Protagonist Brother Complex Childhood Friends Gambling Gangs Lack of Common Sense Misunderstandings Modern Day Multiple POV Older Love Interests Past Plays a Big Role Prostitutes Secret Organizations Seven Deadly Sins
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