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/ Series / The Strongest Weapon Of The Strongest Duo
The Strongest Weapon Of The Strongest Duo
The Strongest Weapon Of The Strongest Duo
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In life, there's always a person who's been born lucky and those who's been robbed of fate.

Most people relied on this so-called fate.. especially since this world is all about powers and cultivation.

But there's also someone who's disdaining those who rely on it, as they were born unlucky.

Having no power, two children of Four Saint, live their life, prisoned in their household.

Being mocked for their ordinary state... the people seem to be unaware of its great effect.

"Yeah, but look at here, it says 'only need'. What do you think it means?"

"Only need? Maybe we can fuse some more parts of our body with energy other than our whole body?"

"But what does whole body means?"

"Our flesh?"

"So, to be extraordinary, one needs to become ordinary first! That's the meaning of this! Others were at a Strong Maniac state or higher already since birth, so their only body parts being fused with energy is their flesh since they don't have any chance to fuse at all! While we, ordinary, can fuse energy not only in our flesh but also in other parts that we want to. So that's the meaning of, 'Legend said that extraordinary was born from ordinary'!"

Discovering such an important fact... How will the two prove their hypothesis and become the Ultimate Duo in the universe?

Note: You can also view this story at other sites; Royal and

If you want to read my book in advance.. you can do it by being a member at I'll post a week's chapters there.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSupernatural
Adventurers Alternate World Charismatic Protagonist Cultivation Fantasy World Genius Protagonist Heavenly Tribulation Hiding True Abilities Lucky Protagonist Transmigration Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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