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/ Series / Oh no! My Fiance and I Reincarnated 7 Times and she Became a Voyeuristic Pervert!
Oh no! My Fiance and I Reincarnated 7 Times and she Became a Voyeuristic Pervert!
Oh no! My Fiance and I Reincarnated 7 Times and she Became a Voyeuristic Pervert!
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WARNING: First 30 chapters may seem like NTR (but it isn't). Incest, Monsters, Yuri and Futa will be in this. You have been warned. Check spoiler tags at the beginning of every NSFW Chapter for content involved.

STATEMENT: I've decided since I'm not profiting from this, I should write what I want and see what happens. Smut readers have very different tastes from each other and I can't please everyone, but I hope readers on Scribble Hub are willing to give this a chance.

*See Glossary For Official Character Descriptions/Measurements - Unfortunately I Am not an artist*

**Updates only on weekends. Batched Releases, see announcements at beginning of chapters for batch information.**

I will finish the story on ScribbleHub with no paywalls.

After an accident that paralyzed the two of them from the waist down, Kevin and Robin could no longer have sex. Sex was important to their relationship so when an opportunity to reincarnate arrived it was impossible to refuse. There was one caveat: they would reincarnate seven times in total and would need to have sex with women in each of the first six worlds to extract spirit energy capacity for a final birth in the seventh world. There they would face a powerful enemy. To be able to have sex with women, Robin was spiritually linked with an artificial 'suit' that gave her male parts for the extractions.
Written in both 1st (male) and 3rd (female) person perspective and in a semi-play format.
Two protagonists: Robin and Kevin.
Cover is by Ninestar619, thanks!

Planned Themes for Each Reincarnation Cycle (Last Updated 5/15/2022).

1. Zombie Apocalypse
2. Gangs and Politics (Parallel Modern World) (Most Vanilla)
3. Supernatural Monsters (Parallel Modern World) (Monster Sex)
4. Matriarch World (Semi-Parallel Wuxia Power-Scaling women with Reverse Morals and Strength)
5. Fantasy Apocalypse (Non Parallel - Think about Anime/Stories where humans are trapped in colonies from monsters and the like. This will have a 'type' of incest but not full blood/genetic)
6. Anime Sci-fi/Fantasy (Non Parallel - Will have full blood/genetic incest, like really heavy blood incest, it'll really be messed up)
7. Xanxia-lite (Non-Parallel - Crazy power scaling)

Alternate World Beautiful Female Lead Cautious Protagonist Comedic Undertone Complex Family Relationships Couple Growth Female Protagonist Futanari Girl's Love Subplot Incest Love at First Sight Male Protagonist Mismatched Couple Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Nudity Polygamy R-18 Reincarnation Sexual Cultivation Technique Voyeurism Weak to Strong World Hopping
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