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/ Series / Evangeline’s Flame (Capstone Writing Assignment) ✓
Evangeline’s Flame (Capstone Writing Assignment) ✓
Evangeline’s Flame (Capstone Writing Assignment) ✓
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In the land of Fern Kingdom, a young girl must use her rare power of infrared against a shapeshifter. What will happen when she meets the handsome Axis Nethoraba and learns a secret that no other villager knows?


Fifteen-year-old Evangeline Estiemiéres has a gift. She is the only person in Fern Kingdom who has flames, literally, in her hair. Because of her flames, King Erasmus lends her a special place on the hunting party with three other soldiers.

A mischievous shapeshifter is wandering around Eva's village. Erasmus claims that whoever can bring back his head will win a life-time supply of gold coins. After accidentally burning down her bakery and a tavern, Eva is desperate to regain her people's trust, including her mother's. In order to do so, she must train under the watchful eyes of the oh so handsome Axis Nethoraba, a young man who wields a secret himself, one that the kingdom is unaware of. She also has to find her place in her all male-dominant society.

Eva has to make a choice: to destroy the shapeshifter or Axis, if she has any hope of succeeding. What will she, Evangeline's Flame, choose?


*This is a school assignment for my Capstone Fiction Writing class.*
*Based off a prompt I got in a prompt book: "A hunting expedition goes awry when its organizer reveals they are hunting a mythological beast".*

*Cover by @AnecdoteofAstrina!*

⭐ Featured on @Paranormal || Blood-Thirsty Beasts Reading List (April 1st 2022).
⭐ Featured on @TeenFiction || Supernatural Reading List (June 14th 2022).

Beautiful Female Lead Child Protagonist Coming of Age Destiny Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Godly Powers Guilds Harsh Training Kingdoms Knights Medieval Mysterious Past Outcasts Phobias Rich to Poor Saving the World Short Story Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Unique Weapons Witches
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