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Tap! For Necromancy
Tap! For Necromancy
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FlickWick studios the most progressive indie game company in the world has become the first company to release a fully immersive augmented reality game known as Realm of Wizardry, and with the aid of special glasses it's made every trip outside turn into a harrowing adventure. That is until a woman was injured by a creature she couldn't see. Suddenly the world of R.O.W became real and all that mattered anymore was ones level. So what does that mean for a kid who's still level one.

Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Bullying Chuunibyou Clan Building Clever Protagonist Cruel Characters Dark Depictions of Cruelty Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Game Ranking System Gore Grinding Level System Magic MMORPG Modern Fantasy Necromancer RPG Slow Growth at Start Weak to Strong Wizards
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