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/ Series / A Tribute Becomes A Jumper
A Tribute Becomes A Jumper
A Tribute Becomes A Jumper
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Cossus Braun is a sibling of a district 1 tribute and Hunger Games victor, Augustus Braun. On his eighteenth birthday he is visited by an eldritch creature and gets the opportunity of a lifetime; to become a jumper and go on a journey across the omniverse.

Join our rather gray protagonist as he embarks on a long journey throughout the omniverse. This story is a jumpchain story that begins in the Hunger Games jump and will eventually cross over to feature all sorts of locations.

Cover Image Disclaimer: The image is not mine. It comes from Pixabay and was captured or at least uploaded by a user named Marco-Willy.

Here is a link that can be copy-pasted to send people to a Google Doc containing the list of jumps & stuff used in the story, updated as the story progresses.

Jumpchain Multi-Fandom The Elder Scrolls The Hunger Games
Adventurers Charismatic Protagonist Cosmic Wars Dystopia Futuristic Setting Imperial Harem Magical Technology Strategic Battles Strategist Wars
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Table of Contents
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