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A girl wakes up in a prison where people are being executed. With no memories of anything she escapes with the help of a System that grants her what she needs.

She settles in as an Adventurer and figures out how the world works. She learns how to mange her "Points"

The only thing she can trust is the System that helps her survive.

*Not my picture. If someone can link me with artist I'd be grateful*

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGSlice of LifeTragedy
Adventurers Alchemy Amnesia Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Aristocracy Cautious Protagonist Cold Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Dungeons Female Protagonist Grinding Hiding True Abilities Jack of All Trades Level System Loner Protagonist Magic Mysterious Past Naive Protagonist Weak to Strong
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      New Closeranemone48
      Status: 20 – last words

      Honestly this is a great story and the mistakes in spelling and grammar- if there was any, I didn’t notice- are simply so small it doesn’t detract from the story at all. The main character is also just a breath of fresh air, as you only know what the main character knows, it allows for a sense of wonder when some things happen in the story. I would personally recommend this book.

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      New Hasenpfote
      Status: 7 – settling in

      Pretty decent story.

      Grammar isn't perfect but good enough. 

      The story flows a bit too quickly and everything is quite casual. There isn't really any suspense after the first chapter and the MC is a little too naive after her first experience. She also uses her Stealth skill too obviously. All of this makes sense though as the author writes her as a blank state. This does need to pick up after a while though, especially if she gets more skills and learns more. Intuition is definitely saving her ass a lot in the beginning.

      Otherwise it would be good to describe people a bit more and the area she finds herself in. I have no clue how the prison looked like she fled from or the town structure itself. Where are the dead bodies, how did the surrounding area look like other than a bright light? It definitely is medieval but it doesn't say anywhere how the houses look like, any greenery, streets, lights, magic, anything. It's also a bit too quick how she finds help, maybe after a few hours or a while after looking around? The sense of time of the story also isn't always that good. The interaction at the inn where she instantly tells people about how much money she has is also hmm, it makes sense if you base it on intuition again but considering what she went through she is a bit too trusting. She also is quite a bit too confident in how she goes around and flaunts her Stealth skill.

      Written on phone.

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