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Charles Monroe survived the disappearance of his parents, did his best to hold things together for himself and his sister. He survived when she, too, vanished, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note. He was devastated, but he kept moving forward as best he could.

Cancer didn’t put him down, and after suffering through several rounds of chemotherapy, Charles Monroe thought that things might finally be looking up. That is, until a virulent strain of ebola swept through the city. With his immune system strained as it is, the odds don’t look good for Charles.

Now, on the bridge between life and death, he hears a voice claiming to know where his family went. It claims that it needs his help and that it can give him a second life, one far away from all the pain he’s ever known. So, Charles answers as any reasonable person would.

He says no. Charles isn't ready or willing to die yet.

But, as with everything else to this point, even his choice to keep fighting is taken from him all too soon. With no other option but the dark oblivion of death, Charles chooses to make a deal with the spirit of a distant world that's seeking a wild card in its battle against the gods, monsters, and mortals that threaten its existence.

Someday, he’ll find where his family went. Someday, he’ll uphold his end of the bargain and hunt beings powerful beyond anything he’s ever known. Someday, he might even – hatch?


*This story is also available at and additional chapters are also available through if you'd like to support my work!

Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster
Table of Contents 64
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  2. Cheep!? 61Jul 2, 2022
  3. Cheep!? 60Jul 1, 2022
  4. Cheep!? 59Jun 30, 2022
  5. Cheep!? 58Jun 29, 2022
  6. Cheep!? 57Jun 28, 2022
  7. Cheep!? 56Jun 25, 2022
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  9. Cheep!? 54Jun 23, 2022
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      New Poison_Ice_Blade
      Status: c40

      Summary: Meet a guy named Charles who soul get taken by one of the “old gods” and is chosen act as their champion to fight the influence of the “new gods”. Unfortunately he gets knocked off course a bit and ends up as a chicken?! “Wait? Wheres the guide I was promised” follow Charles as he lives his birdy life to the fullest, yearning to grow stronger to fulfill his purpose while also having to constantly battle these pesky things known as instincts, even if hes mostly just ‘winging’ it. 

      Ok lets be honest here, this story isn't perfect, I cant pinpoint exactly why I dont like it. But the best way I can describe it, is that it doesn’t really flow as nicely as it should.

       Sometimes the MC is motivated and determined, while other times he just has no idea what hes doing. MC knows theres this entire world out there with beasts just as smart as he is and just has no motivation to explore it. He seems content just to let his instincts run the show. Heck he doesn’t even really attempt to check out humanity until his siblings get involved. Its not a bad way to approach your story, its just not one that im super into.

      Another thing is that this kingdom, MC lives next to, is apparently like a pokemon kingdom or something. They take taming animals more seriously then other kingdoms, and actually have laws in places for specific taming methods and taming particularly rare creatures. So knowing all that, where the heck are all the other tamed animals?! Shouldn’t there be more examples in the story itself? 

      Maybe my main problem here is a lack of good world building? Idk there’s something missing about this story.

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