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/ Series / I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge
I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge
I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge
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4.8 (266 ratings)
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Have you ever wondered what a character in a novel or in a game should be?

Do they eat? Sleep? Do they have their own life when you are not reading or playing?

They do not.

When you are not doing anything, we stay still.

To be fair, think about your own life. Is it different from a game without a system? You can not see behind your back, similar to how a character has to render it in a game.

But at least, you have your own life.

While I have to watch the protagonist of the novel find his way into the pants of the female leads.

This is my destiny.

I'm not jealous. Not at all.

Tags: Yandere, Harem, Gore, Dark, Rape, Resets, Mention of incest, R-18, School life, ...

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AdultComedyDramaEcchiHaremHorrorPsychologicalRomanceSchool Life
Abusive Characters Average-looking Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Based on a Video Game Beautiful Female Lead Cautious Protagonist Clingy Lover Comedic Undertone Cruel Characters Dark Depression Devoted Love Interests Gore Multiple POV Time Loop Tragic Past Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: spare me please…

    (Early review, subject to change later)

    When I stumbled upon the title, I wasn't sure what to expect outside of the classic Mob MC trope sprinkled with a dash of existential crisis. What got me clicking the first chapter was wondering how the synopsis and tags were going to mix, and what I got was far outside of my expectations, yet vastly entertaining.

    The first person point-of-view was a clever choice for the narrative, as the titular, faceless Mob MC called 'Classmate C' delivers his inner monologues with a mix of unfiltered sass and brutal, descriptive honesty that adds fun dimensions to his personality. He paints himself as a sort of unwilling voyeur, forced to watch the painfully plain eroge MC get girls and copious coitus by simply existing, but the tags should allude to the fact that this free harem comes with far reaching, ball shriveling consequences.

    The train to hell for our faceless Mob friend doesn't stop there either, as the newest re-run of this perverse game he lives in comes riddled with a peculiar bug he can't (or doesn't want to) comprehend. Its a twist that will likely determine whether or not you're going to enjoy this novel, but on the plus side its heavily alluded to in chapter two and pretty much confirms itself in chapter six so you don't have to wade through much to figure out if this will be your cup of tea. 

    As for the harem, its hard to talk much about them without potentially spoiling too much right now. All I think I can say without major spoilers is that while the tags are accurate, the twist suggests immense potential growth for them moving forward.

    The grammar and syntax are also quite good, there weren't any errors I can remember off the top of my head. The general structure of the story colored with the MC's voice also makes it quite the breeze to read, which is another point in its favor. It even comes sprinkled with delicious, quotable moments that are hard to forget. 

    All in all, right now I'd happily recommend giving this one a try. Hopefully the story keeps this kind of quality moving forward, but I guess all I can do is wait and see.

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    21 Likes · Like
    Status: the death flag comes into...

    Great start. Liking it so far. The MC is absolutely hilarious to read about!

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: the death flag comes into...

    Normally I dont read story until it reaches 20 - 30 chapters but this is an exception. Author is on point with first POV and monologue writing. The grammar, spelling and formatting - its almost a shame most new author dont care about these- is the first thing I look onto when I start reading a new story and this one is a dime in a dozen. The twist in the mob archetype is also a very refreshing idea. Overall, good read if you dont mind 90% of good ol satire monologue.

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    10 Likes · Like

    A story which plays with the plot-template "I am a mob character", but with a very original twist to it!

    I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that this is a must read! Totally worth it! The format, grammar and writing are all perfect and readable, too. 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: c11

    I am biased towards yandere novels, but a lot of them on this site aren't too well written. This novel is pretty well written and fun, it's like a breath of fresh air, so I highly recommend reading this gem. 

    Also, Author, please don't drop this novel.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: i never knew my school...

    This is a masterpiece. Everything you would ever want of a novel with this plot, masterfully written, and the MC is one of the best ones in recent memory, his "inner" monologues are witty and hilarious to no end, and the rest of the characters are amazing and threedimensional as well, which is ironic considering the setting. But the author makes it work. Idk how, but he pulled this rarity of a novel off, and it delivers like no other Yandere novel out there, tbh. 

    Be warned that the pace is excruciatingly slow (the first arc, that is, 40+ chaps) all happens within the same day. Alas, the story isn't boring because of this, rather the tension felt within the first arc is palpable and evergrowing, just like any Yandere novel should be. This doesn't mean the story isn't comedic, because it definitely is. It manages a fine balance between all those tags and tbf mantains almost all of the horror on past events and the hypothetical, so at the core it's a slice of life  story with deeply broken, dangerous and obssesive characters.

    But enough rambling, I'm starting to act like C now, just know that this novel is top notch stuff in the genre, I tell you.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: is this what being wanted...

    A fresh take on a genre that's really hard to make unique. I look forward to every chapter and hope it remains fresh. I can't wait for the new characters.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: ch.45

    I have only one word for the author,

    This is a masterpiece.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: [kurokawa] breaking point

    This is one of the best pieces of writing I've read this year, even when compared to published books and visual novels. Since we are in Scribble Hub, I will point out that there are no problem with grammar and style, even if I disagree with some minor stylistic choices. The writing is fluid and competent, there's nothing stopping you from immersing yourself in this terrible hell of a world designed for wish fulfilment.

    This is exactly what one would expect based on the tags though, so you'll be disappointed if you aren't interested in a dramatic love polygon with a yandere flavor.... Shame on you if that's the case, because this is an amazing gift to all fans of this subgenre.

    It is rare for me to have to praise the narration style first and foremost, but not doing that would be a disservice. The POV character switches early and frequently between the MC and the girls, but commentary from the MC is always provided (yes, there's an explanation in-universe). All of those voices are unique and show us a different side of the story, but it is the commentary that really sells it, never ceasing to be funny and witty without spoiling the dramatic moments.

    They have understandable motivations and personalities that are developed chapter by chapter, all that without ceasing to be entertaining. Even on the rare occasions when the original dim-witted protagonist of that world takes over the page for a moment, I can't complain, it is all too good.

     If this sounds like I am unabashedly giving praise, that's because I am. Don't add this to your reading list, just read it straight away! You won't regret doing so if the premise sounds at least a bit interesting to you.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: [kurokawa] running away

    If you like series with a comedic undertone, and deconstruct tropes of some kind, then this series is for you.

    C's monologues are interesting because are told in a way that someone really would tell a story to a friend, furthermore, his reactions are closer to what someone with third-party knowledge would have (AND he is not a noodle backbone MC, or a jackass; which are the contrast to the other 'NPC' and 'MC')

    In terms of deconstruction, it tackles the WHOLE YANDERE TROPES.

    Not only has stereotypical 'yanderes', but it lays them down in contrast to one another in a way that essentially (if we talk in TVtropes terms) creates sub-tropes and subverts the tropes (the multiple yanderes and the past and present versions, respectibly). AND EVEN THEN, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE CHARACTERS TRAITS AND DEVELOPMENT. 

     I came here looking for copper, found stable yanderes. 

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    3 Likes · Like
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