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/ Series / FINAL CORE : [A holy dungeon-core litRPG]
FINAL CORE : [A holy dungeon-core litRPG]
FINAL CORE : [A holy dungeon-core litRPG]
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4.7 (165 ratings)
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[I died and was accidentally reborn as an angelic monstrosity, so now I’m building a holy dungeon-tower that is tall enough to reach the gods; so that I can complain about it! But the humans think that I am trying to destroy the world.]

[Dungeon-Core] [litRPG] [Base-building]

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGPsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Angels Animal Characteristics Army Building Character Growth Clan Building Cohabitation Conditional Power Demi-Humans Demons Dungeon Master Dungeons Economics Fallen Angels Folklore Genderless Protagonist Godly Powers Gods Kingdom Building Magic Magic Beasts Monsters Mythology Non-human Protagonist Summoning Magic Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 44: the thing that creeps...

    I can see why this story is rated so high, it has a great beginning and origin story for the MC and lots of nice looking ideas. Sadly everyone in this story acts with the mentality of a demented child. By that I mean often times the thought process of the MC or the actions of everyone around her are just nonsensical. Disney princess movies are more realistic and well thought out then some of the stuff written here. The actions of humans in regards to dungeons for example or the general power balance and relationships between dungeons and humans, it is clear that the author never thought about any of this when writing this story. "Oh I want this to happen" and then it just happens, no "what are the implications behind this or that" all humans and other races and the MC herself are just super low IQ, that is the only explanation that could explain this story. 

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    Status: chapter 32: the presence within

    I used to write critical reviews on stories. This would be one too, but I actually have little to no things to criticize about this.  

    The story gives the exact experience it advertises. It is a very creative and enjoyable read. I love the way the writer creates the dungeon floors. At times you should give a bit more description and let the reader take in the uniqueness of every level like you did at the earlier chapters. Create a few chapters here-and there where you let things calm down and just look around the tower while letting the reader experience the place, through the eyes of the main character.

    The floors have a good variety and a nice feeling. The descriptions are mostly proper, and enjoyable to read. The extra information at the start and at the end of almost every chapter is a likable, optional extra. They extend the world's lore and make it appear much wider and bigger than it is at the moment actually is. 

    I read about half of them, but at times they become a bit boring, since there are ones that were already showcased in the main story, only to appear later again. Then there were multiple ones in a row that spoke about how dungeons are and practically said the same things from different perspectives. I would suggest not writing about the same topic in a row to avoid them becoming monotone, and more skippable.

    All in all, I enjoyed reading it, and it made me happy, and excited. The lighthearted humour going on throughout the whole story is also a nice touch, while the story still maintains the seriousness of the certain situation. 

    Thank you for the experience. I really liked it.

    With best regards,


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    Status: chapter 10: be not afraid.

    Great story. The grammar is good, and it introduces a lot of creatures from various folklore that I haven't even known. It is also worthy of note that the progress of the story is just right (for me), and the fact that it updates pretty quick for good novels is *chef's kiss*

    Would definitely recommend it.

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    Status: chapter 101: surging tides come to...

    Yea I don't normally leave reviews, but I gotta say Razz deserves some love for this one. It's good. After dealing with dreams all day at work, it helps uplift me a little.

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    Status: chapter 90: little miracles might prove...

    ★★★★☆ [4/5]

    Very fun story and lovely character dynamics. There are moments of severe consequences that are usually not in other stories, which is great; but those tend to pop up suddenly and does seem a little out of place after a significant amount of time and trial & error where stuff kinda just works fine? It can be a tad jarring early on, but balances out once the perspective starts covering people and events outside of the dungeon. 

    The author and community engagement is wonderful as well.

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    Status: chapter 68: final core

    This has one of the best character development and world building of all the stories I have read till date.

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    Status: chapter 68: final core

    Yet another masterpiece from the one and only Razz. Fantastic character development. Even better world building, especially considering all of the lore blurbs at the beginning of each chapter. The MC makes mistakes and learns from them. Actions have consequences here. The struggle is real and it is satisfying when they succeed. You really feel the progression of the MC's intellect as they learn more about the world (again) and experiment with creative ways of building its tower, with plenty of well placed foreshadowing.

    Overall, a must-read in my opinion. I look forward to where this story will go in the future.

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    Status: chapter 60: wet witch-water wicks

    The author does a good job of getting you invested in the characters, and quickly which is good because there is a lot of exposition which may not be for everybody.  There are a few paragraphs at the top & bottom of each chapter I enjoy as it gives more context to the world that is well developed, has a hisotry with lingering effects to this day, and has a society shaped in response to how dungeons affect their surroundings.

    Holy themed dungeon indeed, in the monsters, the philosophy of the characters, and in the motives and interactions that drive the story. This story is not just a gilded white re-color of an existing dunegon story skin, the theme orgaically permeates all parts of the story as an allusion to the source material without being preachy.

    There is a system mechanic giving abilities as strength increases at a reasonable pace, with the primary usage being status windows for status appraisal or dungeon building prompts. Rather than feeling like a cheat, it fits into a larger global pseudo-dnd item/class system that is losely defined enough to allow for any number of actions/reactions/clever usage of skills and abilities.

    Well thought out, well paced, interesting references/lore, and there's a decent amount of situational humor from character interaction. I can't wait to see where the story goes.

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