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/ Series / Avalon: Hell Mode of the Universe
Avalon: Hell Mode of the Universe
Avalon: Hell Mode of the Universe
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A world where overpowered people gather: Maxed Swordsmanship, Teleportation Ability, an Army consisting of ten thousand undead, Own Dimension, Summoning Monsters and even Meteors — Skills seen as Godly on the outside are nothing but a mere skill here.


[The Young Scholar], [Eyes of the Past and Present], [Greatest Pugilist], [Strongest Weapon Master], [Axe of the Weak], [Executioner of Gods], [Slayer of Myths]: to say the least, Isaac Apollyon had many Monikers.

But before all of that name, he was more simply known as — the Strongest.

But being too strong meant there was no longer a challenge. So, he left the world behind and stepped into a place called Avalon, a place where the battle hungry fight, and the curious journeys!

A world the infinite of cosmos gathers, where the existence of God Slaying Weapons are treated no better than a wood cutter’s axe.

[Welcome to Avalon, where the strongest gather.]

[This is the Hell Mode of your lives]

Laughing, Isaac smiled, "Finally, a new challenge."

Witness as the strongest once again take the crown!


A Novel with every conceivable power system meet at a single place.

A world where everyone is strong, where power rules, and where the MC kills!

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ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial ArtsPsychologicalRomanceSci-fi
Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Adventurers Aggressive Characters Angels Beasts Cunning Protagonist Demons Dragons Gods Level System Older Love Interests Ruthless Protagonist Strong Love Interests Strong to Stronger Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons World Hopping World Invasion World Travel
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