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/ Series / The Supreme Hero’s Younger Brother
The Supreme Hero’s Younger Brother
The Supreme Hero’s Younger Brother
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Ludric Cazmere is the world's Supreme Hero, born to slay the demon lord and exterminate evil. But this story is not about him.

Rye Cazmere is the Supreme Hero's younger brother, born without any predestined fate and meaning in life. A disappointment to his family who expected to bear another hero for the country. Breaking away from his family who ignored his existence, he lived peacefully as a teacher. But what will happen when he reunited with his powerful brother after 6 years?

It was the first step toward the fate of his life.

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The stories are all not related, so you can enjoy them separately ~(º w º ~)

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Beautiful Couple Brother Complex Childhood Friends Demon Lord Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Elves Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Genius Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Glasses-wearing Protagonist God-human Relationship Gods Heroes Knights Love at First Sight Magic Power Couple Protagonist Strong from the Start Strong Love Interests Strong to Stronger Wars
Table of Contents 8
  1. Chapter 88 hours ago
  2. Chapter 7May 18, 2022
  3. Chapter 6May 17, 2022
  4. Chapter 5May 16, 2022
  5. Chapter 4May 15, 2022
  6. Chapter 3May 14, 2022
  7. Chapter 2May 14, 2022
  8. Chapter 1May 13, 2022
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