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/ Series / Sovereign of Wrath
Sovereign of Wrath
Sovereign of Wrath
83.7k Views 4714 Favorites 75 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 893 Readers
4.8 (68 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 83,671
Total Views (Chapters): 58,844
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Word Count:245,420
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    Status: chapter 44

    This story is great! It's a non-modern fantasy-world setting in which humans coexist with other species, but demons are highly feared and aggressively hunted by a quasi-governmental/powerful church organization. As the summary indicates, the protagonist ends up being reincarnated from a human to a demon (and back to their same world - no isekai stuff here), and this is the story of how they go about dealing with that change, finding friends and trying to figure out who or what was behind the events that led to her death and the death of others.

    Good points about the story: 

    • The quality of the writing is great. 
    • The characterization is great - I really felt like I knew all the cast of characters. 
    • Many stories feel like they don't have a great deal of variety in the settings. This story takes us into all kinds of diverse landscapes and regions of the world, which is fun. There's a lot of creativity invested there, and I've greatly enjoyed the mental journey across all kinds of interesting places.
    • It's not particularly grimdark (despite the title), but at the same time it's not nothing but fluffy slice-of-life - it's a nice balanced story with a plot, conflicts, and moments that run the emotional gamut of fluffy cuteness to serious life-and-death business. Nothing feels too overdone or one-dimensional.
    • It's weird that I even need to list this as a good point, but no characters have done anything that strike me as flagrantly stupid over and over again.... sadly this seems to be a thing I see in a lot of fiction, so, worth mentioning - no head-slappingly stupid characters that do stupid things just to create low-effort 'conflict'.

    Things that could be better: 

    • The MC is a powerful demon who is strong and has magical capabilities, and they are surrounded by people who can do magic, but the details of how that all works are extremely fuzzy. The MC also doesn't immediately sit down and poke at their magic and figure out a path to greatness/etc. While some stories are practically tabletop rpg rulebooks with a bit of narrative coating, this is the reverse - a well-developed world/characters/story that isn't particularly concerned with the details of how everything works 'under the hood' (so far). I personally like more of that sort of thing, but maybe that's not everyone. At any rate, enjoy the (good) story for what it is, but don't expect one of those stories in which someone min-maxes the 'system', etc.

    Things to be aware of:

    The MC is a transgender (human) woman (pre-transition, but out to a friend) prior to their reincarnation. Some stories on this site with the transgender tag are largely about that topic. I've loved many of those stories, but in this case it's a fairly minor plot point that only really comes up in the beginning and not much afterwards (so far anyway). And that's fine too of course - just adding a note, so readers who are or aren't in the mood for a gender-focused sort of story know what's going on.

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