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/ Series / The Five Kingdoms: The Adventure Begins
The Five Kingdoms: The Adventure Begins
The Five Kingdoms: The Adventure Begins
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Rain is a young Ranger on her way to join the Ranger's Guild. Her journey eventually tests her and her abilities to see if she is ready for the glamorous life of a Ranger's Guild member.

Hello everybody,

I just want to share with you all a little taste of a book series I'm writing. I would like to become a published author and I feel like posting the first three chapters of the first book here would be beneficial for me for some honest feedback, good and bad to help improve my writing.

The title is a work in progress and not final. I also intend to keep the integrity of the chapters so the length of the chapters I post will roughly be between 4-7k words each. I apologize ahead of time.

Archery Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Medieval
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