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/ Series / A Foreigner’s Chat Group
A Foreigner’s Chat Group
A Foreigner’s Chat Group
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4.2 (101 ratings)
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The Supreme Magus, one of the strongest beings in the Divine Realm, teacher of 100 God Heroes, died to protect the world from his corrupted self. With a stroke of luck, he landed in the world of Terra. Many years had passed before he woke up again. Just as he's beginning his journey on this new world, he suddenly received an invitation to a Chat Group--a chat group that connects many parallel worlds.

Rediscovering his past, recovering his strength, and even surpassing his past self. Step by step, he would become stronger, and all of that starts from a chat group.

Arknights/ Fate (Zero & Grand Order) / Muv-Luv Alternative / Oreimo / Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita! / Sword Art Online / Azur Lane / Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Fate/stay night / Re:creators

PS: The world before Terra is my OC world if you're wondering.
(The world of Terra (Arknights) will be the main world. Other than that, you could expect the usual from a chat group novel.)
Updates: 1 Chapter per day
Cover made by HoracioGui

Arknights Fate Fate grand order Nasuverse
Amnesia Androgynous Characters Appearance Different from Actual Age Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Chat Rooms Cute Protagonist Gunfighters Lucky Protagonist Magic Overpowered Protagonist Sudden Strength Gain Sword And Magic World Travel
Table of Contents 335
Reviews 9
Table of Contents
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    Status: Chapter 100: Messy Past Life

    This story, from all I have read, is really well done, considering I actually have a personal gripe against stories with charm stats and harems and the like. I appreciate how the charm only really draws more attention rather then make people fall for him immediately or think of how cool the MC is, like how other versions of charm stats I have seen work. I also like how you are making the characters grow instead of just keeping them the way they are suppose to be..... I don't know what else to write but good job so far and looking forward to more from ya!

    PS. I hope that you don't make the yandere character that controlling or possessive over the MC to the point of the MC becoming a doormat and being unable to grow or do anything, as I have seen that happen in other stories and it serverly cripples any interest about the story. GOOD JOB AND GOOD LUCK! HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY! (like maybe tone either the yandereness down by a lot, make the yandere have common sense, etc. As well, if ya can, try and make it so those in the story have romance outside the MC so as to make the characters feel more rounded, only if you plan for more romance)

    PPS: I have never read most of the stories here (the ones most of the characters and stories are used from and based on), so my judgements is basically only made based off this stories characterizations of said characters, and from what I have seen, it is done well.

    PPPS: (last one I swear.... maybe) : This is my first review so it may be a very bad one, sorry if that is the case! ; P

    Edit: So, like a bit later I came back and edited some spelling mistakes (I made this review on my phone) and since I was doing that I thought to say this, keep it up. I love what you are doing with the story, just please be careful with the dynamic between the potential harem, other characters and the MC. I have seen stories with character who basically get pushed around and do not stop harem members from harming other people in the story, or when people in the harem are arguing and the MC tries to join the conversation, he gets "Stared" at and shuts up, making the characters feel like they can't even have a decent conversation. (THAT was a lot of mumbo jumbo, but I hope you get the point). Stay classy!

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 148: the singularity

    I am not good at writing these reviews. Anyways, most of writers can't seem to make chat group type fanfics fun. They either try to chew too much at once or drop it. 

    Unlike those ones, I've found this one fun and interesting. The original power system which MC possesses and his past without being too edgy. 

    All said and done, it has been a good ride so far for me. 

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 35: Gundam Exia

    I will be honest, this story is very confusing, especially since there are a lot of different world mixed together and some of those world (reference) are not well-known. So when the author written the story with the thought that every reader know all the world of his story. 

    I as a reader, without knowledge of half the lore of the world he include in his story. I can't follow what, why, and don't even know most of the character in the first 5 chapter that author introduced.

    Anyway, if you understand the lore of most of the world, than you will enjoy reading this, I'm just not familiar with most of them, especially the game one like Muv-Luv Alternative, arkknight, and Azur Lane.

    Edit: The author add a fun fact after chapter 42 which allow me to understand the world better, so prop to the author.

    2#Edit: Author why is most of the fun fact is about arknight?

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 150: i

    ok, so I read up to the ch.150 and I really find it fun. The story is very easy going and nice to read and with nearly consistent daily update schedule it is very nice in this aspect.

    MC is not too strong or weak from story perspective and even thou the story seem to constantly go forward, there is no pressure of way too many things happening at the same time or way too long wait time for development in the story.

    overall good story that I can recommend for a light read.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c210

    It was really good until ch 120 or so, that onward it gets rlly chaotic feels like it is rushed, distorted power scaling with non-canonically op characters and unreasonable nerfs for MC, almost no world variation for a supposed world hopping novel (same world repeats many times with no goal almost slice of life), too many irrelevant characters and the list goes on. It feels like author ran out of ideas, took content that was supposed to be for later in the story and released it earlier just to keep up with the updates. Maybe I just had my hopes too high because of it having such a good start but seems to be just a really tarnished diamond.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: Final Chapter: Epilogue

    Wonderful story, ending's a bit janky and a tad confusing but overall wonderful story. Although some parts can be a bit confusing at times like your Final Arc of the Fate/ Stay Night Arc which I couldn't really understand other than the fact that Shiro got a powerup and the Final Arc of the Re:Creators Arc which is a bit huh? Confusing. But eh the only other gripe I have is that the ending feels a bit rushed and disjointed. Hope you'll make a peaceful family chapter after the epilogue.
    (PS: First time writing a review I don't write reviews cos I much rather read them.)

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    Status: chapter 317: party preparation

    Around a 4, (Made at chapter 317)

    A Foreigner’s Chat Group is fun story. World crossing stories between different fictions are weird. Like any idea, they can be good, bad or middling. This one is overall pretty good, well enjoyed enough to reread it twice for this review so yeah. 

    MC is interesting enough, with enough mysterious surrounding him that get revealed  at a good enough pace while he develops as a MC. The initial side cast of the chat group are all very fun, and the additional members (Up to fun magical girl) after her, the new ones are just treated as background characters, which they kind of are.

    But yeah, the story does a good job on the worlds it choses to focus on. Actions good enough, and lore explored well as well. 

    I do wish the focus chapters on the side cast last a little longer, like a chapter or 2 longer. As I said before, the said cast is fun, especially the initial chat (With the first two extras).

    There are some rough parts, where the story dips a little in quality, which pretty much correspond to the author getting busy. These dips happen extremely infrequently though.

    But yeah, nothing bad really else to say. I enjoyed the story, enough to read it a couple times, simple and easy read. I do see many people getting confused with the amount of worlds there are and different lore they are, I was mostly fine even without experiencing half of the worlds at my initial reading but I did have my few moments of going "Wait, who/what is that again". 

    Besides that, review done! Now time for me to debate do I stockpile a 100+ chapters for this story again, or do continue to read as it comes out... hmmm... questions for a less tired me to answer! 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 232

    Many people like your work even though most of the readers don't comment/review. In fact, this is first time I enjoyed a multiversal fanfic. Even if there are a few haters, please know that there are many people including me who enjoy your work. And don't let people's opinions sway you. Just write as you see fit or you'll lose motivation to continue writing. Keep up the good work!!!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 246: birdcage; surprising appearances

    Very fun multiversal fanfic, though the Chat Group function doesn't stand out much. The fact that there were a lot of anime references and characters I don't know doesn't help either.

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