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Love and Our Story
Love and Our Story
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Everyone has their own struggle and happy moment in their lives, many fell to their own temptation to end their life in their journey to reach their end goal.

From zero to infinity, from infinity to zero, the countless choice in this life is nothing but a way to reach a happy and fulfilling ending.
However, that very choice, is also a death trap to reach an early end.

“I have no regret if I could be with you, as long as you’re by my side, as long as you keep holding my hand, I do not regret anything…”

The story of one man wanting to stay together with the one he loved is about to start.

“You and I, we will always be together. Even if you die… I will follow you soon, with this knife in my hand, we will always be together. Without regret, without pain, with only love, I will be with you… Even in death.”

The devotion of a woman to stay with her loved one is about to begin.

RomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Anti-social Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Character Growth Devoted Love Interests Engagement Forced into a Relationship
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