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/ Series / The Fateful Uchiha
The Fateful Uchiha
The Fateful Uchiha
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4.4 (202 ratings)
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Jun cursed his luck from being reincarnated into the Uchiha clan. He would rather remain dead recalling the fate of the clan. But he was given a new life, and he refused to let it end prematurely. How can he prevent crucial events from happening? Itachi Uchiha will kill all Uchihas except for his little brother Sasuke. Will Jun be able to stop the clan massacre to avoid his inevitable demise?

ActionAdventureDramaFanfictionFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryPsychological
Academy Adopted Children Age Progression Based on an Anime Bloodlines Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Confident Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Curious Protagonist Eye Powers Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Ninjas Reincarnated into Another World Secret Identity Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    New Pruf
    Status: c18

    They story is well written in general, although author sometimes unable to put together a logic sentence at random. 

    But the protagonist of the story is the most irritating little sh*t I've ever seen. 

    He knows about all of the dangers and tragedies in the story and does fücking nothing about them.

    He is literally in mortal danger because of the events, he can charge the outcome with a few words, he is given a ton of talent and power by author, and he does jack sh*t. 

    And he loses his family and friends again and again because he did nothing. 

    And he learns zero lessons and just sits here, calmly, as everything burns around him. 

    And he does it again and again. 

    He literally becomes friends with Shisui and just sits and looks at him, and thinks: "Too bad he's gonna die in three month. Shouldn't have become so close to him. My booboo heart will hurt later. Oh well." 

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    Status: chapter 22

    I might change the ratings in the future but...

    As of now this all the story is worth.. 

    The good first 

    Grammar is decent. There are no typos & there are no spelling errors. The story is not bland.. & that's where the good stops.. 

    Because this is basically a story about a mob Chapter suffering the repercussions of the main story. (I.e. this good because the story it's based on is good)

    There is no point in making the m.c. a reincarnator, in fact, making him a normal (in world) Chapter with no knowledge of the future would have made the story so much better.. 

    Instead, we have a m.c. who knows the future, does nothing (i mean LITERALLY NOTHING) to prevent or change it. And walks around like the world owes him, irritating is what it is.. 

    The story doesn't even acknowledging the the fact that m.c. is wholly (or at least partly) responsible for his tragedies. He goes around wanting to be angry at the world & Pat's his own back for doing the bare minimum & not going insane  (again, irritating is the only emotion this story evokes)


    M.c. doesn't acknowledge, let alone entertain the idea that it's his fault that his father died. 

    He doesn't even entertain the idea that he is  to blame for his friends family members dying 

    He feels no guilt when looking at the people whose life were ruined by his decision. 

    What's worse is that even after suffering the consequences of his action, he changes nothing..

    He feels no guilt when he asks for help from people (whose Life he ruined), he feels no guilt towards killing his friend's parents, he feels no guilt towards orphaning & abandoning naruto, he feels no guilt for planing to stand aside & let his friend die. 

    He does nothing to change or help itachi.. all he does is run around & feel sorry for himself.


    Again, all the above are not bad things on their own, but there is no ground work for that aspect of his character, he is clearly being portrayed as a caring & empathetic person, and his thoughts actions show none of that.

    And it has been well established that he knows what is going to happen & he has ample proof showing him that things won't turn out well, yet he does nothing...

    Passive characters are not bad, but  passive characters who have all the reason, motivation & the knowledge to be an active character, yet fails to do so, is bad..  when they are completely oblivious to their own circumstances & do not acknowledge their mistakes, it's bad... when they feel no remource watching the outcomes of their passivity, it's bad. When all they do is feel sorry for themselves without reflecting on their actions, it's bad..

    And when that (passive, irritating) Chapter is the protagonist of the story, who the reader needs to emphasize with... it's really REALLY bad.  

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    71 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 22 – preparations

    You're introducing a lot of characters and flesh them out nicely, but how is this story different from: Some Guy in the Naruto World who looks and watches on + some of his life.

    Sure small changes have been done with the overall character relationships; but so far it's 22 chapters of:

    Damn, I should really protect those I love and hold dear or somethin' lmao, also I know the Naruto world but have no reaction and feelings to the main characters of said world,


    damn, maybe I shouldn't sit on my hands for years on end, and then *surprise Pikachu face* dad ded lmao.

    Instead I'll be unmotivated in my training and relationships since Pain, Obito, and the 4th Great Shinobi war do not exist. Damn, maybe I shouldn't wait until Emo-Mode-Itachi + Obito slaughter all of us, then reveal my Sharingan and he will tell me to protect Emo-suke or something lol. Damn, maybe I have the ability to guide, train, and or manipulate some characters for a better outcome all around without changing the story too much. Actually nevermind imma do nothing and train to amount to nothing more than a new background character with an interesting background, life, character, and feelings. Etc.

    I'm sorry for the rant, rather than review, but I see so much potential in this story.

    TLDR: Aight imma worry and stress but do nothing; ayylmao my dad ded let the story resume as if I had never existed. 2/5

    This is a trash review of mine, I know. Sorry not sorry.

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    32 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 65 – conclusion

    A lot of Naruto fanfic tends to follow the same pattern, get isekaied, know the future, prevent some of future tragedy and deal with some butterfly effect. But the thing is, the conflict the MC want to prevent was a major catastrophic, the author wasn't able to make a believable settings without making the MC super OP fast so they can deal with another 'bad events'. It was kinda stale after a while.

    Honestly, if an average Joe ever get isekaied, this can only do so much even with future knowledge and talented body (uchiha, Uzumaki etc). It was kinda like you travelled back in time with a young body and want to prevent a terrorist attack, a country riot, a political attack from another country. Bruh, what you can even do with a child body. This was more believable story..

    It was like a fresh air reading this fanfic, normal fanfic author tends to write a world of ninjas as their understanding of Japanese culture. But in this fanfic, the author the author wrote relationship and the way they hold conversation just scream to me 'west culture' (idk the exact the term but u get my point). Not a bad thing but sure a unique one

    Overall a nice fanfic, hope to see more.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 32 – promotions

    I really like this story and look forward to the updates. So let's get into it.

    The grammars fine, couple typos here and there but nothing major that detracts from the story.

    The pacing of the story is pretty solid. Doesn't feel rushed and shows how even with the cheatigan (sharingan) it takes work to be a strong shinobi. It feels like he's truly earned his powers because we can see he's put the work in to earn them.

    Storywise, its about a dude reincarnated into the uchiha clan pre-massacre in the era of Itachi. Cue the "oh s#!*" realization, and we're off. Story seems pretty realistic so far on what most people would do. It is naruto, so it's a powerwank at its core. But it isn't overdone. And there are people better than him (itachi, shisui, etc.). There are plenty of character interactions, although that is a tough line to walk. Especially when your job description is contract killer. But our M.C. Doesn't feel like an emotionless robot, so I'll take it XD.

    Ultimately, I like this story because it makes sense. The power creep is done at a reasonable pace, the reincarnation serves a major purpose for the story rather than just an overdone trope, the character interactions are done well and have me genuinely invested in the characters, and the M.C. Is starting to ask himself what he wants in life rather than trying to become the next jutsu-jesus.

    I'd recommend this story to anyone, not just naruto fans, although knowledge of the show would certainly help. I wouldn't recommend if you're looking for an OP godlike character by age 10, or 15. This isn't that kind of story. Yet at least, it is naruto XD.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 59 – fugaku uchiha (part 2)

    I Just love it ! No need more ! 

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    4 Likes · Like

    This story had a unique take on the POV of mob character, but the was poorly done.

    Author made the MC aware of what will happen, show him planning for that future, and when the future actually came, he done nothing, why? Because he suppose to be mob character so he must do what a mob character do and be powerless to do anything.

    The writing itself is great, just the setting really doesn't fit. Future memory should be remove, because it doesn't affect the story at all, and honestly only there for word fill. 

    The element of writing a mob character that is an actual mob character, though it interesting, but not many can related or want to read it unless, it a tragic backstory type. 

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    3 Likes · Like

    Might be one of the worst MC that is not edgy. The MC is gifted with uchiha genes and future knowledge and somehow the main problem he's having is a "household" problem💀 Yugao somehow manages to be more interesting compared to him.

    The MC is the definition of passive character, he just accepts that the people surrounding him will die.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 65 – conclusion

    If you don't like novels where MC doesn't have any god like powers, don't have conections with every elit in the society, and isn't born in family so powerfull that he can do almost everything and interact with everyone crucial for the story, and you hate MC who despite knowing the future isn't trying to change it (so much, because MC doing something, but it isn't very drastic) you shouldn't read this.

    But if you like character development, realistic point of view, and MC who is making decisions which could be make by most of the normal people, then you can think about reading this. Because MC is aware of his weaknesses, he know in what circumstance he is, and he is making the best choices he can make with his strength and connections. The best part apart from character development is that the MC has realistic goals.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 63 – funeral

    An incredible and differentiated work where the MC evolves through effort and dedication in a realistic way. Great dialogues and small changes to the original story that are very well done. I hope the author can continue writing for many more chapters.

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