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/ Series / Self Insert as Spider-Man MCU
Self Insert as Spider-Man MCU
Self Insert as Spider-Man MCU
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4.4 (219 ratings)
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What would happen if you woke up in the body of someone else? What would you do? What if you had powers? What if all you had to work with were your own memories to get through a life you can't remember?

Meet a version of Spider-Man that you've never seen before. A potentially competent one!

Spider-Man, MCU, Marvel, Disney, etc. are (C) and (TM) to their respective owners.

ActionAdultAdventureFanfictionIsekaiSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of LifeSmut
MCU Spider-Man
Charismatic Protagonist Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Secret Identity Sex Friends Slow Growth at Start Strong to Stronger Stubborn Protagonist Underestimated Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c10

    Nothing interesting happens and I'm 1/4 of the way through. The MC is boring at best & annoying at worst. And the characters behave like someone dreamt up by a delusional incel. 

    His aunt is odly comfortable with him creeping on her & behaving in an inappropriate manner 

    MC faces no resistance on what ever he does, worse he doesn't get sent to the principal for his inappropriate behaviour towards the school staff. 

    Worst of all... people just believe & accept he is amnesiac & give him special permission "WITHOUT EVER ASKING FOR A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE" 

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    Status: Ch 104

    C60. The story has some unique takes for marvel in it. Some minor accidental errors in grammar or spelling. Some inconsistencies do exist with character personalities and the authors timeline. It feels a little pressured to try and make women like the main character. The women come off as very basic personalities and jump at the MC for really no reason. I like the idea of black widow being a primary interest, but it seems her character is a little less than black widow should be. I get the genre requiring some s*xual scenes but 4 girls part is a little to unrealistic; meant for a 12 year old with no experience with women. The MC seems a little broken in the head, not sure if that's intended or just not enough experience righting yet. Overall I give it a 3 for it being different, good with grammar and spelling, and it does provide what this genre goes for. Negatives are the poor characters, their development, and how they interact. C93 All of my earlier evaluations still stand. Just something to read if your bored. Leaning more and more towards rougher stuff, characters are still very inadequate, unique take is still there, could be better and could be worse. Ch 104 this will be my final change in my review as I just can't carry on. The characters and interactions feel even more rushed and inadequate. Not that the story was going for that to begin with. The plot seems to be devolving from what little there was. I can no longer recommend this as a read for when you get bored. Story had potential but it doesn't feel as if there is any direction. The aunt may stuff has gone off into weird fetish territory but y'all do you. 

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    Status: 11 meet the parents

    This is such a fresh take on the story of Spider-man!  I like Ben's development and I'm looking forward to his progression!

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    Status: 84 back to the grind

    Once you pick this up, you will find it is hard to put down.  With more than 80 chapters as of this review, it's clear that Ben Parker / Spider-Man is just getting started.

    The one thing that keeps sticking with me is how well Peter Parker (renamed to Ben by the transmigrator) is his intelligence.

    Now I'm not talking about pulling a Star Trek moment where the engineer pulls some weird physics thing out of his containment unit and saves the day.  I'm talking about Ben's approach to life.

    How does Ben deal with the fact he is now living in Peter Parker's life with no memory of the details of what happened in Peter's life? All he has is his memories of the comics and the various movies.  So he decides that he shouldn't even try to pretend.  Instead, he manufactures an accident and ends up pretending to have amnesia.  And this sets the stage for everything else that happens in his life from then on.

    We all know Peter's story.  How he was bullied at school, how he one day got his spider powers on a field trip, and how he eventually became one of the most beloved heroes of all time.  Spider-strength, spider-agility, his web-shooters and of course the spider-sense.  We know Peter's friends, his family and his enemies.
    The amnesia allows our transmigrator to live the life not of Peter Parker, but of the new person, Ben.  This is definitely *BEN's* story, NOT Peter Parker.
    And, metaphorically speaking, Ben flies.
    Ben doesn't just do OK in his new life. He excels.  And his approach to his new life is done so in an intelligent manner.  It's well thought out and makes you go "Yeah, why didn't Peter do that kind of thing?"  That is where Ben's maturity and his intelligent approach to life kicks in.  It affects how he relates to his Aunt May, his teachers at school, him reaching out to try for jobs to help make ends meet, and even helping out around the house.
    As of Chapter 84 Ben is still dipping his toes into the water when it comes to being Spider-Man.  He has been trying to improve Ben's life first.  But this is a good thing.  Like so many cultivation novels emphasize, if you really want to go anywhere you need a firm foundation.  Ben is definitely doing that by taking his costume life slowly and trying to get proper training before he does anything too big.
    To wrap up this review, I'd say you shouldn't approach this as a fan fiction.  Think of it instead as a "What if?..." story from Marvel.
    It's got that same sort of quality to it that doesn't disappoint.
    'nuff said.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: 116 celebration time

    tl;dr (3.5/5) It really is trashy wish-fulfillment, self-insert power fantasy stuff... Just like it says in the title. But at least it's fun and is written and structured quite solidly overall. You should have a good time if you're willing to switch your brain off.

    Now, for the serious stuff.


    This story has a veeeeery particular view on women and what women want.

    It's not "toxically masculine" or anything so overtly negative but if you squint you might see things following along a similar vein of thinking real quick. The worldview here is extremely hetero-normative and very masculine.

    No, 90% of woman in Marvel are not secretly polyamorous/willing to share with multiple other women. No, 90% of woman in Marvel are so emotionally insecure that they award infinite brownie points to any male willing to throw clearly exaggerated sycophantic compliments their way. No, 50% of woman in Marvel are not so libidinous that they would be turned on by (or even in some cases  straight up perform s*x acts on) someone they'd literally just met. 

    No, MC will never hit on a guy the same way he hits on the woman. That wouldn't be something our hyper-hetero hero would do. So it's not a "how he treats everyone" thing, it really is a "how this guy treats women, and how they respond to said treatment" thing.

    Obviously, "not every woman in Marvel" is portrayed the same in this story, if fact they're all treated quite distinct from one another in terms of character, disposition and interests which is actually rather nice to see, BUT the MC's approach to introducing himself to every woman is literally the same every time (ie. self-deprecation mixed with exaggerated gynephilic B.S.) and he gets the same results every time (ie. "Awww, isn't he great? He sees me, ME, as someone he can relentlessly hit on! Yay!"). 

    The problem is that, at their core, all these woman characters are written as appreciating this approach to an unusually extreme degree. Or at least, none of them are neutral or turned off by it. Sure, it might work on 1-2 people but MC interacts with dozens of women and they all melt to this overly-deferential behavior. 

    But hey, fanfic gonna fanfic. Of course this is gonna be geared towards pleasing the male gaze. See 'turn off brain' comment above though if you don't want this to bug you.

    The other trap this story falls into is not having much in the way of interesting dudes in the story besides the MC (which I will now call the "written by a horny guy author" problem). All the focus/development/interesting stuff is given on the 1 capital-M Man and all the women he hits on along the way. MC never truly has to struggle for the affections of his counterparties since "all men besides MC are subpar anyway so obviously they'd just go with MC, right?". It's fine, but I tend to find it less interesting when there's no valid challenge/push-back from other men. It flattens the world for me and, to me, makes the women feel more shallow somehow. Why would I think the women actually like/love the MC when there are no other options for the women?

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    Status: chapter 42

    I honestly started reading this story out of boredom, and I expected it to be bad and cringy, considering that neither the name nor synopsis made me feel any sort of trust in it's quality.

    And I was blown away by how good it is.

    Is it a wish-fulfillment story? Absolutely

    However it's incredibly well written and fun to read.

    The part I like the most is MC himself. He is genuinely the BEST MC I've ever seen in any story, even simply because of how he treats women. He treats them like actual people. Like equals. And it's not just empty words like a lot of MCs in other stories do, he shows it with his words and actions, both in friendships and actual more-than-friendship relationships. He is very "flirty", but not in a creepy or perverted way.

    Even besides that, he's intelligent and funny, author doesn't dumb him down for convenience (or at least it haven't happened yet), and what's more important, he feels like an actual human being that makes mistakes and learns from them.

    Side-characters (that actually matter) are also fairly well written and don't feel one-dimensional.

    Also since it's a smut you'd expect some steamy s*x scenes... and author delivers. They're good. Author seems to actually know how s*x works (well except one weird hymen comment and some other thing) and how to write it nicely. Expect some steamy well written situations to happen ;)


    EVERY s*x scene so far has started with MC going down on a girl and some foreplay, which is something I've sadly never seen in any other smut novel


    Literally the only thing I somewhat dislike is kinda describing characters with real people in the beginning (please author change that).

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: 46 potts plots

    One of the best fanfic I've read and I've been reading a lot since 6 years ago. Give it a try and it might surprise you with how good it is.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c100

    Remember the synopsis!!

    A potentially competent protagonist.

    And I assure you that statement is correct. Cause this protagonist is not competent. 

    Like at all.

    The first few chapters were actually going OK to this is quite nice. Untill Natasha happened and then it kept going down and sometimes tried to go up but it couldn't sadly. Later in the Racist wakanda, he baceme their submissive biatch. I get equal exchange but not when it's not. 

    I didn't continue past c100 cause I couldn't take those "cheesy" and "Charming" lines. It just became cringe tbh. Anyhow.

    The first few chapters were actually quite good.

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    Status: c126

    the story is a power wank and gary stuish but it pretty fun for like 2/3 of the story. Then it pretty much kinda went downhill from there. &Nbsp;I however don’t blame the author too much but the other reader for voting for an unlimited harem instead of a more close knit harem. By choosing an unlimited harem the author writing change the story flow, in fact you can feel the story flow changed. &Nbsp;where was the change? After all the complex relationships and give and take of his core cast from the first 2/3. He growth he attain with them all, he torpedoed it when he went to wakanda. Somehow the MC went from being the guy who decided his own fate to wakanda bitch. &Nbsp;Just like that every thing Wakanda supercede his previous relationship with everyone and he just simply cut tied with them. As a reader I felt like T’Chaka spat on his face and all the MC did was begged for more. &Nbsp;Toward the latter half after too much Wakanda wank he tried to recover some semblance of balance but it too late. It was unfortunate but the story got away from the author. &Nbsp; It was however a good story up until the Wakanda arc and introduction. &Nbsp;So I would recommend until then after that MC is brainwashed and wakanda is best everything for him. He even sold his unborn children into slavery forcing any children to have to belong to wakanda and forcibly drafted into their military at 18. &Nbsp;just to give you an idea. Again it was pretty entertaining until Wakanda involvement.

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    Status: 126 circumstances

    A good writer making bad choices. Mr. Parker knows everything from the movies, so any tension is gone. A better written version would have a butterfly-effect but nope; his radical changes all worked out. Spider-Man being Spider-Man is afterthought, out of 126 chapters he’s a superhero less than 20 times. All the most interesting things about Mr. Parker & his alter-ego have been replaced by the most banal measure of success: money, women, and respect. To be fair, Spider-Man has had more romantic partners in the comics than this story. 

    Writing drama can’t be easy. Your MC has to fail sometimes or be (seemingly) punished for doing the right thing. Share the spotlight.

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