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/ Series / Honkai Impact : The Rise Herrscher of Shadow
Honkai Impact : The Rise Herrscher of Shadow
Honkai Impact : The Rise Herrscher of Shadow
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4.6 (52 ratings)
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The mysterious disaster "Honkai" has eroded the world, and humans infected by the "Honkai"have become "undead" who have no thoughts but only understand destruction.

They were together with the beast beast "Honkai Beast" born from Honkai Energy.

This poses a great threat in this world.

Witness the Resurrection of a traverser who came to this world from mere mortals to become those called "Herrcsher".

This is the resurrection story of "Herrcsher Of Shadow"

(Note: If there are similarities, characters, names, events and so on, it's purely coincidental.)

This is my first novel.

(Disclaimer: I don't have anything except OC.)

English is not my main language.

sorry if the grammar is terrible.

[Thanks to @B_N_F for the cover.]

This is a pure novel for fun so the updates are uncertain.

Tags: Dense protagonist

Honkai Impact 3rd
Accelerated Growth Acting All-Girls School Based on a Video Game Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Charming Protagonist Childhood Friends Dense Protagonist Hidden Abilities Male Protagonist Misunderstandings Multiple Personalities Mysterious Past System Administrator Weak to Strong Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: i’am an herrscher?

    its best to think of this as another universe then honkai impact (HI) with their characters names attached to separate people.

    Its basically guy in honkaiverse with solo level system. The main character (MC) is very very important for no other reason but being the MC, HI characters revolve their story around him, thus their personalities gets dumbed down to a manageable point for MC to control. The best development for these harem members happens within 1 or 2 chapters and it moves on to the next member. At least MC hasn't done intercourse for them all yet.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 34


    but after I read until ch 34 is there no news about the fan club created by kyouko or no news about kyouko itself? And there is also an unreasonable situation, why is MC not aware that there is a game company about him even though he himself often looks for information about ME companies

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    2 Likes · Like
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