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/ Series / Fallen Princess: The Duke’s Familiar is A Witch
Fallen Princess: The Duke’s Familiar is A Witch
Fallen Princess: The Duke’s Familiar is A Witch
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4.4 (52 ratings)
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The daughter of the Black Witch, Aurora, was betrayed by one of her own and killed by her Father, the Emperor.

Witches, although feared, were not hated. However, this changed when Aurora's mother cast a curse on humans to prevent them from using magic. Because of this, Aurora who was a Princess, spent most of her life on the run. Unfortunately, she was eventually caught. Before being burned alive she swore that if she ever gets the chance for revenge, she'd kill all those who hurt her and destroy everything they love.

One thousand years later.

The Opax Continent is burdened with protecting their citizens from the Corrupted Realm, where beasts and other dark creatures roam. Nobles are tasked with sending their contracted familiars to this place every two years to suppress the erosion from further spreading. The eldest son of the Rizar family, Lucius, has come home to take his father's place as Duke. And before he can, he must first summon a high level ranked familiar.

The summoning succeeds but...his familiar is a Witch?! Exactly what is going on?!

Aurora has found herself in a strange situation. Witches have become nearly extinct! And when a Witch is found, they are actually put under the protection of the Holy Temple that used to believe Witches were followers of evil. So much has changed from back then.

What about the revenge she swore she'd get if given a second chance? Her vow has now become useless. Still, her hatred and disgust for nobles will not be swayed.

She wants nothing to do with them, but being summoned as a familiar to a Duke connected to the royal family isn't making it any easier. And let's not mention him being one of the victims of her Mother's curse? How exactly did that happen?

The more time she spends with Lucius, the more she wants to know about him.

Attracted to this cold-blooded man, will she decide to fight by his side and protect the Empire that once deserted her?


Update schedule:

Days - 1 Chapter on Tues. & Fri.
Time - 5pm EDT

My grammar is bad, and there may be many errors. I will try my best to fix it as I repeatedly go over chapters. As always, thank you for supporting my journey as a writer! (〃∀〃)ゞ

Happy reading!

- Seraphione

*The image in the cover does not belong to me (Seraphione). And all rights belong to their respective owners. If you are the owner of the image and would like me to take it down, please contact me. Thank you!

DramaFantasyHistoricalJoseiMartial ArtsMaturePsychologicalRomanceSupernatural
Age Regression Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Contracts Curses Enemies Become Allies Familiars Family Conflict Handsome Male Lead Knights Loyal Subordinates Magic Beasts Mysterious Family Background Nobles Royalty Scheming Second Chance Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Time Travel Tragic Past Weak to Strong Witches
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      Status: chapter 25: that which exists but...
      May 12, 2020

      For the chapters ^_^... well even if english isn't my native language I try to make this work. Well... first, the story so far is interesting, the grammar is good and and it is overall wellwritten. 2. There is nothing partikular that jumps in my eyes as" hm, this doesn't match up" or something like that also thanks for the correction in the Timeline to 1k years...5k is really much and it would be very illogical to have either detailed records for the Black witch present nor even the kingdom still present... the characters so far feel very real since reasons for their actions are given, the worldbuild is good, the author could give  more details about some things, I know its in many cases pretty much pointless or could give a infodump feeling for chapters (and can be used as an dirty trick to stretch things out) but if the author is good with speech (from what I see ist the case here) then it could make chapters even more interesting, gives more to the worldbuilding and can be used so that the reader 'feels' the book, (dont know if I make a good example:as he looks down the withered castlewall an arrow grazes his right cheek. A sting of pain brings him tears into his eyes. At the same time the blood trickles to the corner of his mouth he takes action to cast his spell. he screams orders to his commander on the south wall.) As if he was standing while a action takes place. For that the author could try to make an experimental chapter to read, one half with usual style and other with more Details... well suit yourself author its not my book and I would be angry with myself if something goes down the drain... wish everyone a good time reading and much fun.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 41: a poisonous woman (6)
      Jun 16, 2020

      This novels cover and title is what caught my attention at first. Until I read the first chapter and couldn't stop reading. The author has a way of making you feel for the female and male lead. The character's background story are all fleshed out, even the side characters. I like  how  the Witches  are  different from other novels. I wonder what will happen next. The female  lead seems weak at first  but you can tell she's changing. The Male lead seems cold but there is  more to him. The world  setting is vast and  it  would be  nice to read more. 

      Read More

      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: author’s note #1: end of...
      Sep 23, 2020

      This is a story driven romance novel focusing more on drama rather than things like action, and while the world-building isn't completely ignored it does take a step into the background.

      Despite the author's allegations of having poor grammar, I couldn't find noticeable issues so far. The writing itself is also pretty decent, offering well-done descriptions of things and actions without turning into info dumps. You will also find one of the very few cases of POV switching done right.

      So why just 3 stars then? I simply cannot get over the MC's ridiculous behavior. The author goes to great lengths to portray the miserable life she had, betrayed by her family, tricked by her first love, hunted down like an animal, then killed while cursing and swearing revenge only to have her soul imprisoned and suffer a 1000 years more. 

      Now what kind of person would you expect her to be after all this? I wouldn't have been surprised at all to see her as a raving lunatic hell-bent on revenge. But no, not even close. She finds herself in pretty much the same scenario as when she was betrayed by her fiance and instead of showing any hatred she gets attached to them and feels guilty because they are suffering from her mother's curse to the point where she's okay with letting herself get killed to alleviate their anger.

      Seriously? Just let everything be water under the bridge and let's all love each other... I just... I can't read this.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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