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A failed ritual leaves an immortal woman bound to a monster. Katabasis follows her quest to make things normal again... Maybe!

(Note: Katabasis isn't an isekai, litRPG, cultivation novel, etc. I've been uploading it here because Scribblehub is a convenient mirror to its main host. But if you check it out I hope you enjoy it!)

In an alternate Earth where humans have the heads of animals, and where the animals aren’t always what they seem, the Firebird rules myth and legend. Said to have divine power, it appears every millennium to grant the wishes of a select few. A young woman discovers that she's among them, but there are two problems: She doesn’t remember ever seeing the Firebird, and she definitely doesn’t remember wishing for immortality!

Ignoring her thrill-seeking nature, she's decided that her only way forward is to get a degree. But after being attacked, she finds herself in a magical bond with a killer- one who's taken a keen interest in her ability. Now her only chance of getting her normal life back is to work with him and a group of newfound allies. She must dive into the space between life and death to uncover the Firebird's secrets, along with a few things about herself, too.

But her attacker is still on the loose, and the task is more dangerous than anyone realizes...


WARNING: This series contains violence, gore, death, nudity, suggestive situations, and strong language. These warnings apply to illustrations! (Though nudity is censored.)

More Katabasis is available on the main site:
All pages are in the process of being posted here. Then it'll update simultaneously in both places.

Alternate World Animal Characteristics Character Growth Death Depictions of Cruelty Familiars Female Protagonist Folklore Friendship Gore Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lack of Common Sense Magic Masochistic Characters Modern Day Modern Fantasy Monsters Murders Reluctant Protagonist Resurrection Sadistic Characters Serial Killers Special Abilities Wishes World Tree
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Table of Contents
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