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/ Series / Reincarnated Into Two Bodies
Reincarnated Into Two Bodies
Reincarnated Into Two Bodies
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4.7 (115 ratings)
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After falling to his death, he wakes up with two bodies?!

Reincarnated as both a humble commoner boy and a privileged young noble girl, our protagonist enjoys their new chance in life with two different perspectives. Although they only wished for a peaceful life, the world had other plans in store, presenting them with a few unexpected obstacles along the way.

Now, they find themselves confronted with bandits, secret evil organizations, terrifying monsters, and... romance?
I am currently rewriting the early chapters to match the quality of later chapters. Forgive me if it seems rough at the start. Hope you enjoy my story.

Cover art drawn by PurpleHorn:
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ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekai
Child Protagonist Different Social Status Doting Older Siblings Evil Organizations Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Misunderstandings Multiple Protagonists Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnated into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c26

    As of chapter 26, I feel that the story is headed in a good direction, and I am hopeful that the quality will only increase as we learn more about the world the story takes place in.

    Grammar and characters are both well developed, and many character tropes that side characters follow are challenged in such a way as to make them more more endearing.

    I completely ship the MCs together, by the way.

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    Status: chapter 32 : a best friend’s...

    So far the story is good. It is a novel concept. It has great potential for story, comedy and may be even romance. I don't know.

    The cons I see are some pacing issues and too many POVs. Although, POVs are good and let's people know the story from the perspective of another character, it also takes away the mystery/suspense.


    For instance, they meet a princess of another country and we soon find out that she is actually a reincarnated God and is actually planning a war. This would have been impactful if we got to know this later.


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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 32 : a best friend’s...

    Frankly speaking (or writing, I guess), I think the concept behind the story is really interesting and the execution for the Main Character (s) is very well done (if a bit tropey). 

    However, the rest of the characters are weaker : most of them are caricatural or out of character for the setting (secretly OP sister who moonlights as an adventurer, insane arrogant monologuing villain, scheming princess with perfect reputation that everyone loves despite the fact that people treat her as demon because she has white hair (???)). There are also problems in terms of distance between places and the time elapsed between events in a few case and a few other problems. &Nbsp;

    All in all, it's a story with a very interesting premise burdened by an average execution. A good story that shouldn't be taken too seriously, with hopes of it improving further. 4 stars

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 31 : the third prince’s...

    For a story by someone who has never written before, this is pretty dang good! Naturally, not perfect with some use of classic tropes, but they are twisted just enough to make them feel unique. And speaking of unique, (as far as I know) the main plot point of multiple bodies is pretty unique and is done well enough. 

    Dont take it super seriously and you should enjoy it. Definitely a nice and interesting story to binge at 2am. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 45

    A unique concept, rarely seen and utilized. The story is promising and will certainly be intriguing to find the world's development improves. We have side characters that at least interact and villainous organizations that have side banter. Continuing this path, this story would get better and better. However, the characters' povs can be enhanced as sometimes it switches perspectives between characters in a notice, requiring the reader to stop for a moment to realize. Certainly shows promise...

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    1 Likes · Like

    It is fun, I hope there will be new chapters at some point in the future.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 32 : a best friend’s...

    Not bad really, the pacing and transition could use some work but the rest are fine to great. The process of one consciousness using two bodies I feel needs to be explored more. The positives and drawbacks of it. The world-building is underway, characters are getting their time to shine and there are enough mysteries to figure out. More is to come the story is kicking into a higher gear I think. 

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