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/ Series / She Loves Me Too Much!
She Loves Me Too Much!
She Loves Me Too Much!
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Lately, A classmate of mine often glances at my way every now and then. And this classmate of mine happened to be the prettiest girl in our school!

I don't know why but apparently, I'm the only one who's she been eyeing all this time!

...I don't see her giving that look to other commoners like me stand out to rich people like them? Or is it entirely something else? She wasn't like this to me before, so I really don't get it!

...but that isn't a look where she's telling you you're an eyesore...




...nah, not in a million years she would fall for me!...right?


...that's what I thought...until the day came...

*Art Cover is not final and created by an AI :)*

ComedyRomanceSchool Life
Academy Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Clingy Lover Couple Growth Devoted Love Interests Different Social Status Early Romance First Love Jealousy Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Protagonist Obsessive Love Persistent Love Interests Popular Love Interests Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance
Table of Contents 72
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Table of Contents
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